Whos to blame for crappy local shows?? FRAT

When I moved back to Iowa 6 years ago I was really pumped about the mma scene. At the time mma was not legal in TN so there were no shows. And from what I heard about IA mma shows happend all the time here. Now the first show I ever went to was quite a shock. Their were about 4 fights and 4 grappling matches. About 3 of the people in the show actually looked like they had any training. During the last grappling match the brother of one of the "competitors" was upset his brother was loosing so he jumped in the ring and hit the guy in the back of the head twice with a chair.wwe style. The promoters shut the show down and kicked everyone out.

After that first show I started to go to others around the state. At the time mma still was not as big as it is now. I got to see lots of great up and coming fighters. Josh Neer, Jason Black, Kieth Wisneski sp, Jeremy Stevens, Spencer fisher and a host of others. Just about everyone I saw fight atleast had some training in something. Even the ones that seemed to loose a lot but still put up some kind of fight. Now I know there were still some scubs in every show that should have never stepped in the cage. But that seemed to be the exception and not the rule.

My have those days gone. Now I know several promoters around IA. And I have no problem with any of them personally or professionally. Even the ones that hate each other and try to destroy their compatition. But I stopped going to local shows almost two years ago because it wasn't worth the money.Long gone are the days of fighters like those mentioned above who take it seriously and train hard and try and learn all they can. Now the shows are filled with guys who only train for a few weeks before their fight and don't know anything.

Yes I know their are still some guys out there that do take it seriously and do train all the time. But they are few and far between. Most shows are filled with 12 1 minute or less fights where 1 fighter is 14-2 vs fighter who is 2-14.So my question to all of you..fans,promoters and fighters. Who is to blame???

Is it the 50 promoters in the state who are putting on 5 shows every weekend all around the state?? So many shows so few real fighters.

Is it the trainers and gym owners who let some newb in their gym who has only been training a month fight. All the promoters know is it's some guy at some weight wanting to fight. The gym owner should know they are not ready.

Is it the state for not regulating it correctly and licensing all the fighters?? And not paying attention the the promotions to see which ones are doing things correctly??

There are exceptions to what I have posted. Some promoters in IA really try to put on good shows. And sometimes good fighters need warm up fights or get back on track fights. Or easy fights after a long layoff. I have no problem with good managers building a guy up. My problem is when the whole card is filled with these fights or people who shouldn't be fighting at all. So what say you?? what is your opinion??

Great point. I think the overall quality of fighters has improved in my area compared to 5-6 years ago, but it's readily apparent on some small shows that they are literally sending guys out there with minimal to no training.

And it seems every show there are still sacrificial TMA guys -- usually just one or two per show -- that still don't get it. You can usually tell who they are because they belong to a local TMA gym. It's grim.

jaseprobst - And it seems every show there are still sacrificial TMA guys -- usually just one or two per show -- that still don't get it. You can usually tell who they are because they belong to a local TMA gym. It's grim.

"In this corner, representing Street Savage Karate..."

"His opponent, from Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu..."

I love those - the TMA guys are always absolutely sure they cannot be taken down - and if the impossible happens, they will incapacitate the other guy with "nerve strikes" or "pressure point" attacks.

I actually have no problem with those fights. Just don't want to see 12 to 14 of them. Especially when I spend $25 a piece for my wife oldest son and I.

hmmmmm No opinions from the most opinionated people I have ever seen?? Maybe I'm asking the wrong question. Maybe I should be asking what would you do if a girl tried to lick your pooper??

I'll TTT it in the morning...

i guess you could say all of the above are responsible.. as well as the people attending these shows and making it profitable

edit: but its hard to blame the fans if they dont know what theyre getting before they show up

i actually dont really like attending local shows anymore unless i know its a quality show with good fighters. i mean really... i have better things to do with my weekend than spend 4 hours watching 15 fights with guys that need another year of training before they think of fighting.

Your right greenseed. I just don't get why gym owners let people who shouldn't be in the cage rep their school. Even if they win it still looks bad on the school if they look like shit doing it.

I get the money reasons why promoters do it. And I know they have to fill fights even if the pickings are thin from so many shows. I just think they should be a little more picky about who they put in their shows.

And the state is a whole other problem. If they did their job the promoters who try to put on good shows would have an easier time.

I only go to amateur shows that my training partners are fighting at because, like the OP said, the talent isn't there. I hate sitting there 45 minutes after the show was supposed to start because the promoters are still waiting for the place to fill only to watch 12 fights that last 30 seconds. The only fights that go past the first round are the ones where the fighters don't know shit and make it there by default.

ttt for day shifters

a lot of ti has to do with "amatuers" are cheap...and most shows are now half and half so the "pro" can get a little more money...at least thats how it is up here in Minnesota

SugaShaneDZ - a lot of ti has to do with "amatuers" are cheap...and most shows are now half and half so the "pro" can get a little more money...at least thats how it is up here in Minnesota

Yes it is that way here as well. But don't you think that a gym would want their amatuers to make the school look good also by idk haveing some skill?? Maybe I just look at things different. I believe that you should have atleast a year of solid training before you can start fighting. Even as an amatuer. I think gyms should go old school and have fight team tryouts. If you make it through your on the team, If not back to regular classes till you can.

I have said this before, but it bares repeating... The problem with amateur is that it is treated basically the same as professional fights, with slight rules modifications. To the average fan 4 beers into the night they don't know the difference.

I do not believe in the concept of Pro/Am shows.

I agree with that also Kurle. There should be a huge difference between the two.

Many promoters have used amateur shows or pro-ams as a way to minimize their expenses and thereby minimize their risk in holding an event.

Amateur events should be (in perhaps my "perfect world view") about getting experience for the fighters, not about the fans attending a "great show". That is what professional events are for.

You don't see amateur boxing mascarading as the professional equivalent.

This is very true Kurle

Alot of it has to do with oversaturation. You can literally go to an amateur MMA event every weekend.

You can go to 5 every weekend here, And a couple during the week.

Yeah, most amateur mma events are an assembly line of fights one after another. Back stage schedule and matching making is thrown together an hour before the show depending on how many fighters show up to fight.

Good to get some experience, but they're notorious for sandbaggers signing up as 0-0 looking for a highlight real.

What gets me is some of these smaller shows trying to sell front row tables for like $200.

I had a good experience in amateur mma back in the early 2000's like you mentioned back in the day when you use to go. A majority of the ammy's where training seriously and there was some kind of mutual respect there amongst everybody in the locker rooms that we made it there.

Now Johnny grocery bagger or Johnny gas station attendant shows up an hour before a show, gets hand wraps and borrow an extra mouthpiece from somebody and swing for the fences.

I felt kind of bad for those people who paid for the "VIP" table, but it's kind of funny too.