Who's watching Sengoku? Check in!!

I'm all ready to watch!

Who's with me?

makes pot of coffee and snorts candy bar

 Just got back from the shore, girl is out cold, time to watch mma live at 3 am and light one up.


munches almonds



  I really want to see the Ivanov fight.  Too bad it is towards the end.  I doubt ill make it that long.

drinks hot chocolate


just got in.... hit the vaporizer.... how do i watch this?

do i need to watch this?

which fight should i watch?

did you hear Fedor did not sign with the UFC?

Did you hear Belfort is fighting rich?


Already finished one pot of coffee--scouring the freezer for more.. throw some money on Fujita, M. Hirota, and Hornbuckle for the big upset.



 my stream is some japanese horror movie.

seriously now...

how do i watch this?

who do you know that I don't?

stream looking pretty good at the start--and the opening music videos were.. um.. interesting

only 12 am'ish here and cold beers on ice...

godamn, is HDNET not airing this? I'm on the MMA-TV stream, looks pretty not so good

Ah crap, looks like its gonna be all Japanese