Who's working today?

Day after Christmas and I'm up at 04:45 in order to get to work on time. Mrs. Crawler and the kids are snuggled in their beds and I'm out slaving for the man. Plus it's cold as shit out. 

Who else wants to punch work in the face right now?

Gotta work tonight. Going to sleep soon, might drink a couple beers first.

Me, won't be doing anything though. 

GnP Sonnen -

Me, won't be doing anything though. 

You never do

Still on from Christmas evening. Merry Christmas!

Taking a pre traffic shit right now. Hopefully won’t be many on the road since a lot of people still off.

I'm on a cold train northbound to city.

Working long days today and tomorrow, then off till Tuesday. Not bad. I'll live.

I worked sunday night and will work sun- thurs nights all this week and next week. No holidays for me. I worked xmas eve and xmas day, and will work New Years eve and day. My job pays ok with good medical benefits, but the schedule and hours sure are a negitive when it comes to enjoying life.

I'll be working on my physique. Double shift, mass building followed by body sculpting.

Was up at 5 am for work

I woke up at 6. GF is at her Grandma's with her sisters. I have to work. It's 5 degrees right now with a high of 15.
On the bright side I only have 9 days left before I ditch the corporate job, so I can't complain too much.

Yes sir clocked in at 4:30 a.m. -8 degrees outside, wasn't a Hell of a lot of motivation to get started this morning me or my truck.

Yep, been working since Christmas Eve. 

Firefighter (so it’s not like real work..) 

I'll be at work. "Working" is up for debate

I just got here maybe 15 minutes ago and im dreading it. This is horrible after a 4 day vacation.

I’m up at 5 am but not working. Joy! 

Working outside all day, 25 degrees but warming up...need the dough. 

Don't own any cryptocurrency.

Working. I'd rather work too , to save the headache of work backing up when I'm not here.

Today yes. They should almost give us the day after Christmas off.  On the other hand the more time you have off the worse it is to get your week started if you come back to work in the middle of the week.

Work is brutal today