Who's your favorite boxer, UG?

Amir Kahn gets my vote. What about you guys?

Pacquiao Phone Post

Jose Benavidez Jr is a close second for me

for Sponge


Foreman, Fraizer, Julio Cesar Chavez, RJJ Phone Post

Cruz2ninjafoya -
for Sponge

Thanks. Voted up. Phone Post

Michael Bisping.

The best in the current game. #1 P4P!

Miguel Cotto & Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And yes, add Vitali and Wlad to the list because I don't find them boring, I find them technical and skillful.

Chill__Owl - The best in the current game. #1 P4P!

Love the guy Phone Post

 Hagler out of all of them.

Old-timers I appreciate: Gene Fullmer, Bob Foster, Charley Burley. Ezzard Charles was also the best light-heavy that ever lived. He never won the crown but he schooled Archie Moore three out of three, including a clean KO when Moore was still younger.

andre ward, simply imposes his will on the other guy


Tyson, Frasier, Foreman.

Mike Tyson, and currently Canelo is turning into one of my favorites Phone Post



for irishottie