Who's your favorite boxer, UG?

Pacquiao active. Ali, Frasier, Foreman all time (and I would count all there because they sort of were the perfect men to fight each other at the time) I guess the Gatti/Ward trilogy would be up there as well.

Frazier, PAC, Tyson Phone Post

check this out gage if u havent seen before

Have I seen it??? I own the mutha fuckin DVD son! Sits right next to the smashing machine! Phone Post

Smokin Joe

gage949 - Have I seen it??? I own the mutha fuckin DVD son! Sits right next to the smashing machine! Phone Post

haha I own it too. Good shit man. Phone Post

My buddy Zac Wohlman of course! Just won his pro debut this past Thursday. I guess that's what training with Freddie Roach for the last 4 years will do for a guy.


Joe Frazier Phone Post

Gatti RIP! Came to brawl and fought with everything he had. Partied hard and lived a fast life. I miss him in the ring... Still believe the wife did it! Phone Post

Of all time: Sweet Pea, Prince Naseem

Currently: Pacman, Ward, Donaire

Pacquiao now,Max Baer and" the mountain" Primo Carnera,still have my hair stood on end every time i watch them!! Phone Post

of all time, Marvin Hagler

Current king kahn & $ mayweather Phone Post

Carl Froch Phone Post

Tua Phone Post

Andy Murray , Eric morales , Marco Antonio barrera! Phone Post

 Marcos "Chino' Maidana , he is very raw powerful puncher. Took a liver shot and got up, BALLS!! Very exciting to watch and he is very sneaky ,,, lets you think you are winning and then BOOM you are looking at the lights  

My favorite boxer is Tiny Mexico. Julio Cesaer Chavez was a true gift to the sport and that body attack was so sweet to watch. I used to flip flop on Morales and Barrera as to who I liked as my favorite fighter throughout their respective careers.........then I had a major fancrush on both Rafael Marquez and Israel Vasquez during their trilogy which carried over to whomever they fought. When two guys give their all the way these little Mexicans do during these ridiculous trilogies........even though there is often some deep seeded animosity between them, how do you as a boxing fan not come away loving them both equally for the gifts they have given you as a fan. However, my very favorite to watch over the past four or five years has been Juan Manual Marquez, and the most recent fight with Manny was something so beautiful to watch that I'm still wearing the goose bumps. It is too bad he is oone of the biggest hard luck stories in the sport with regards to the decisions in this particular trilogy with Manny, but it takes nothing away from what we all witnessed on those nights, and I give Manny all the respect in the world.......it is a judged sport and never the fighters fault when things turn out the way they do.

Lets not forget Jose Luis Castillo and the way he effectively applied his mentors style to the craft himself with a Chavez like attack to the body.........and that fight, oh you all know the one.........that fight with Corrales which comes immediately to mind when people ask about the greatest fights you've ever seen. I also like to keep Corrales on the perimeter of this group just for sounding Mexican and having such an exhilarating style. Lastly, while Alvarez does not have the agro aggressiveness of the typical Mexican fighter and still has much to prove, he is something special on the horizon and I will watch him closely and hope that he can find his nemises that will bring out the best in him and allow him to possibly leave his mark on the sport with another spectacular trilogy as so many of his predecessors have.

So my answer is all these stubborn little badasses from Mexico are my favorite fighters!


Of all time: Hagler
Currently: Sergio Martinez

Currently: Pac, Ward, Mayweather.

All-time: Tyson, Ali, RJJ, Jack Johnson