Whos your favorite female fighter?

Kat Diaz from TSK she's hot and she kicks ass unfortunate for me every time I went to see her fight my seat was always close to her husband lol!

Angie Rivera...

Hilary Mack (Scotland). Fighting for a WMC title in Finland this month! Good heart, smart and great technique. Wha daur meddle wi me?

I though Sonia Mejia (from Boston's Chinese Kickboxing Club) kicked ass at our Clash of the Clans Show. Her takedowns were smooth and hard hitting, great combinations, all around excellent fighter. A great future if she keep fighting!

On the big stage, I gotta say Lucia Rijker


Susie Paschkewitz was mine but I don't know if she is even active anymore.

I dug Kim Messer...especially that dance move she's do after fights.

Big fan of Illanka Elmont. And always like to see Lynda Loyce fight.


Ebony Ayes is my all time fav

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Sara ponce icboxing and sanshou, kina malpartida boxing

Kathy Long

Germaine de Randamie

She owns female thaiboxing

Germaine de Randamie

She owns female thaiboxing

True - There isn't a woman at her weight or even 5kg heavier right now that can match her. Look at what she did to Angie Parr, considered one of the best right now at 60kg.

Germaine and Angie Parr the two best in my opinion.

My vote is for Amanda at Kru Puk's.

I trained with her in Lancaster before she switched to Santa Clarita.

She has been fighting under Dennis Warner's promotions at www.kickbox.com

Have you seen Christina Martin? She has raw talent and potential.

Yeah. I saw Germaine knock out ARP live. Damn! The whole crowd was quiet for like 10 seconds, then suddenly - APPLAUSE!!!