Who's your MMA MVP for this year so far?

With the year entering its latter stages, lets discuss your picks for the fighter of the year heading into next year.

An obvious candidate is Chris Weidman, and if he can get past Silva again, he will be the consensus obvious choice.

I could also maybe pick , Cain, Pettis, and in terms of newcomers i'd go for Cormier

Anybody else?

Off the top of my head I'd go with the Mighty Mouse vs Benavidez winner. Phone Post

Matt Brown Phone Post

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - 

Off the top of my head I'd go with the Mighty Mouse vs Benavidez winner. Phone Post

oh yeah good call. If MM wins, its 3 title defences this year. If Benavidez wins, its a 4-0 year.

I guess i was being sexist towards the lower weight classes

I'll answer December 29

I'll have to say Melendez. He arguably beat benson earlier this year for the title and won the fight of the year so far last week.. Phone Post 3.0

The guys that make 4/4. 

Rousimar Palhares Phone Post 3.0

ive enjoyed watching the rise of DC.

Pettis has been another favorite of mine to watch this year.

Demetrius for sure Phone Post 3.0

It's too difficult to say right now. There are too many important fights left this year. If I had to pick someone right now it would be Weidman. It was the biggest upset since Serra/GSP or Werum/Fedor. Phone Post

BearStep - Matt Brown Phone Post
If he gets past Condit, I agree. Phone Post 3.0

Weidman if he wins the rematch
Barao has been killing it
Matt brown if he beats condit
Robbie lawler vs Rory winner
Idk Phone Post 3.0

Dominick Cruz.

Alpha male Phone Post

God-Damn Weidman even if he loses. wtf is wrong with you people?!?!??!

Honorable mention: Bang Ludwig Phone Post 3.0

Renan Barao for defending his INTERIM belt not once but twice, getting finishes in both fights

Pettis is up there should he get past Thomson.

Weidman like a lot of posters have said.


Gus Phone Post 3.0

Spack - Dominick Cruz.
Damn wouldn't that make it 2 years in a row? Phone Post 3.0

Weidman or Pettis Phone Post