Who's Your Pic To Win T.U.F.

There are a lot of threads about T.U.F. reality show on Spike which debuts tomorrow night.  And, like everyone, I am fired up. 

But my question is..... who do you pick to win the whole thing?

I have no idea what all of the criteria are or how they'll do the show each week.

What time is it on?

Me either really but I just wasn't sure if people already had favorites.  Did you see the trailer?  They have to do team challenges and such and they're training pretty hardcore.  I think they get voted off per their performance.


Monday night at 11pm Eastern on Spike TV


Hard to say. But Forrest Griffin is my pick. Florian would be my second.

I think it will be either Griffin, Sanchez, or Florian.


Stephen Bonnar. He's got all the tools and is tough as hell.


Griffen will win the division he is in without a doubt!


Leben, he made me a fan after I saw him for the very first time against Doerksen!!!

It will be Griffin vs Hoger in the finals of the LHW division and Griffin will win.

It will be Leben vs Sanchez in the finals of the Middleweight division with Leben winning.

peter4032 you really believe Hoger will make it to the finals?

Do you guys think that in the end, there will actually be a couple of them to get contracts?  I mean, isn't it possible for several of them to succeed if they prove themselves in this event?  That would be kind of sweet. 

I'm leaning towards Griffin myself.  But I can't wait for this -- that's for damn sure.    

My money is on Jason Thacker and Chris Sanford.

Some of these posts came close to being right on the money. Its funny how everyone always put the periods in T.U.F. Now its just tuf Phone Post

Rory Singer - peter4032 you really believe Hoger will make it to the finals?

No, but I can see him stealing a round here or there.

ssj - 
TheOneDylanThomas - 

My money is on Jason Thacker and Chris Sanford.

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