Whose pumped for UFC Silva v. Irvin?

Say what you want about the matchup but you have never seen either fighter in a boring fight.

Same with Vera, Edgar, Hermes, and Cain Velasquez, also read good things about Andy though I haven't seen him fight.

I am really excited to see Velasquez fight again. I think he will put on a great fight despite being matched up with O'Brien. Wrestler v. Wrestler is usually a pretty good matchup and Velasquez hits like a truck. LOL at anyone saying the UFC heavyweight roster is stagnant with guys like Lesnar, Carwin and Velasquez signed.

Really not that interested in Creduer/Cale but JT and Dollaway but it should be a high energy fight.

What a great night of fights with Affliction as well. Not that crazy about the matchups. Tim/Fedor obviously huge but I am disappointed in Aleks not fighting.

I am going to DVR the Affliction since the time is set and the last fight night went over and I missed a fight. Also, the FSN fights come on when the Affliction broadcast starts so I am unsure if the FSN fights are the same.

Incredible night. I hope the fights live up to the expectations.

Penus Pumped!

Gettin' ready.

didn't even realize they were. perfect

I'm pumped to see the Anderson fight, same with Edgar vs Franca, the Rumble fight will be good also(expecting a ko from him) Vera will also be interesting to see at 205 where he really should fight, but the fight I'm most exited to see is the Velasquez - O'Brien fight.
Cain is the future of the division and I think he will destroy O'Brien, something Arlovski or Herring couldn't do.

DVR the spike show, too many commercials!!

Gotta watch Affliction; DVR or TIVO Spike for later.

With that said Irvin has better than a puncher's chance; 20 Lbs is a big step up for Silva; Anderson will not have the superior size and strength advantage he always holds at MW.

Irvin should be a bit bigger & stronger and is also accomplished at the Muay Thai Clinch - Sandman keeps it standing should be a very banging fight.

Not really.

 i am pumped for everything

 It's a stupid fight but will be exciting and Anderson is pretty much the best fighter to watch in the ring at this point. No decision here.

 I would be pumped if it wasn't a total mismatch.

Silva by one-sided domination. 

I'm excited cause i believe Irvin is gonna KO Silva. Irvin has no ground game but the dude can crack.

Irvin KO1 after getting beat up by Silva early.

I honestly cant wait for 3.5 hours of comercials and celebrities in the crowd shots . I'll be supporting the sport and watching affliction instead.

TIVO for sure

So much to watch! I'm taping UFN and Vitor and Alek's fights on FSN at midnight. The bar down the road is showing Affliction, so I'll stopping in there for the Fedor fight.

solidsnake, Hep B called, it took its Aleks back.

LOL, I just read about Alek. (kicks the wall and screams like a child)

Hopefully no more surprises for my perfect night of fights.

No kidding. The jerk store called, it wants its CSAC back.