Whose selling mats in FL

Is anybody selling grappling mats in FL???

crunk i still have 75 4x3 x1 inch sq black mats for $600.00

Your fight with ertl was awesome even though I was rooting for him.

Rich Crunkilton had a great fight at Freedom Fight.

when in doubt use bleach all the time.

so we agree, Rich Crunkilton has great fights.

Hey Jamie you have the puzzle mats right??
I want something thicker like the zebras.


i double them up and ist just as good and u can use a 2x4 as a bourder around them with a tarp.

like the UCMA school mats, they where good for us then.


crunk: dollamur is a cheaper mat than zebra and is very good but they take much longer because they are custom made

Wow. That was inncredible. Thanks

for that, but still.... Chuck would put him to sleep. Sure, he'd wake up after a few seconds but he would start fighting the fern plant in the corner. :D

hey Rich

Cleatus, When are we going to see you fight again? Are there any negotiations that you can enlighten us to? Sincerely, fredruM (The worlds fastest man)



Is it called Dollamur because it is many dollars mure?

Damien whats up man?
Yo i think im in the WEC pretty soon. I got some baby fat to get rid of.

Hey Cleat, where you training now?

email me or call me
i might have an idea for you with regard to mats

Rob Kahn

813 333 0619

Dolamur is harder than the regular mats.