Why all the hate for Ronda?

Why is everyone, especially on the UG hating on Rousey. I think after TUF she came of like an extreme competitor who also cares deeply about the people she trained.

My admiration for Ronda doubled after TUF and keep in mind before I was a hardcore Ronda fanboy.

Also I thought Miesha came of like an instigator and was a little bit bitchy too.

Am I insane or does anyone else still think highly of Ronda after TUF. Please tell me i'm not alone in this cruel ronda hating world.

Would smash her still... Tho my guess is she would smash me.... She is more alpha than I am. I think I would be scared... Would still enjoy now mind you. Phone Post 3.0


She mumbles!

Really? Phone Post 3.0

Oh hai, I just got the internets. Can you tell me why water is wet? P.S. I don't know how to post pictures. Phone Post 3.0

Tells alot about your character then.. Phone Post 3.0

i didn't watch the show except for the last 2 episodes, i can only conclude that the majority of this forum thinks that giving someone the finger is horrible act on the same level as murdering an innocent child.

either that or they all hated her before and watched TUF for the sole purpose of finding more things to hate about her.