Why all the NFL trades?

I’m loving all the player movement in the NFL this offseason but I don’t remember teams trading like this in the past.  Is this a result of the new CBA or something?  

DeShone Kizer of the Browns just got dealt which shocked me unless they are all in for Darnold or Allen. 

Im loving this flurry of trade activity this far out from the draft.  

They’re seeing what it did for the NBA. It’s nice to see some excitement.

Its the browns, so might as well try something new.

The nfl is a copycat league. The eagles did a shit ton of trades and signings and ended up winning the super bowl.

Man I guess so but I remember when Clinton Portis was traded for Champ Bailey and thinking how cool a trade that was. 2 superstars traded at the peak of their careers.  

I love this new trend of trading in the NFL. I’m assuming the new CBA has something to do with it.  

There was the franchise deadline, which tends to get a few trades... then a lot of guys were due team roster bonuses either this week or last. I haven't looked too closely, but I wouldn't be surprised if at least a few of the guys traded were looking at 7 figures if they stayed on their old team by X date.