why am I crap at rainbow 6?

I started playing it again... how can I unload a clip at someone and somehow fail to hit anything? I don't stink this much on any other FPS.

I'm well aware of burst firing, I'm decent at Ghost Recon and thats pretty much the same thing. I just don't get how I have to work so hard just to hit anyone in RS3, whereas people I play against seem to be able to just spin round and kill me with their first shot. Is there some trick I'm missing?

The trick = be me.

I hear people complaining about "leaning" and "wall glitching" but who knows. Either way I'm pretty shitty myself and expect to get killed most of the time. Getting better at the head shots slowly, body shots just get you killed.

I also had to speed up my viewing speed in options so I could look around quicker.

"why am I crap at rainbow 6?" - because you touch yourself at night