Why am I not surprised? (fake news apparently)

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LOL… The press woman looks mortified.



Lol you know he couldn’t help it had to get a sniff.

I’m pretty sure that’s fake…


is he always in this pose because he whispers to them? or is he legit smelling them, odd as shit

Look at the shadows behind them, I only see her shadow.

Pretty sure it’s a fake.

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Also she is 18 — so too old for him.


If he has no self-control in such a public setting, imagine what he would be like in private.

I’m not holding my breath for the outrage from the usual cancel-mob, though.

Do you guys really not see that it is a shop?

I have a point…

Must be a fake cause he’d NEVER do something like that.


Well fuck, mods, please delete this then…

i do now i never noticed when i looked at it at first

Oh look! Dumb broads who have no business in leadership positions!

Ol uncle Joe at it again