Why am I so awesome?

I mean, I know I am Canadian and an OGer but really, there is just much awesome that there has to be many more reasons why.

Please discuss.


Gay flair?

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Did you get a written note from your government to go out for an hour a day?


What…you mean like gay people think I am awesome?

Might I take a few hours to ponder and then return to this thread with a well thought out answer?

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I always considered you awesome in spite of being a Canadian.

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Has your gov’t figured out how to run an election yet?

I can appreciate that.

You mean like happier?

Yeah, I have a lot less stress for sure.

I know!

I mean, being a Canadian makes me like …at least 3X more awesome!

No but yesterday I bought a sandwich with no mask and everyone in the store looked at me like I had aids on my face

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I don’t normally do this but in honour if me bing so awesome I am going to post some pics of myself.

Please conduct yourselves accordingly.

You are awesome because you often like my posts.

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Do you have teh AIDS on your face?

Yes but that’s besides the point

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My god these face aids

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Go do a cartwheel you son of a bitch


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