Why am I so stupid? (throw choice)

Ugh, I need to learn some throws that fit my body type.Now, like many of the Metro Peeps, I favor doing Judo without the gi. However, my throw choice leaves a lot to be desired. Right now I have a mean Ippon Seoi Nage, and I'm beginning to lock down a good Harai from the whizzer, and Maki-Komi. Now, I have a few more I rely on, like Tani-otoshi, Kuchiki Daoshi to Footsweep... But my main lately have been Seoi and Harai.But those two throws aren't exactly throws that players with my body types use. Seoi is generally known as a shorter person's throw and I'm anything but short and squat. Now, it's really my utility throw and I try to hit everyone with it when I can. Also, if I remember correctly, isn't Harai a big guys throw? I just picked that throw up because I've been rolling against some people of the Gracie-Basic's persuasion and they keep trying to waist lock clinch with me... Which just gives me the whizzer, so I've been hitting that a lot lately too.Ugh, I'm just being whiny, but I need to try to figure out some things before the Judo Tourney in February.

Anybody can do Harai Goshi, Kai. Short, tall, whatever.

Same with ippon seoi. If you can make it work well, then, heck, it works.

You might try Tai Otoshi if you are tall and leggy.

Ben R.

forget the body-type stuff. if the throw feels natural to you and you like it then do it. a seio-toshi can be very powerful instead of a normal, even foot, seionage if you need to get a bit lower. there is also a drop-seio which isnt powerful, but can be very fast and shock people.. though, i dont think it would be all that great for MMA should you get blocked.

stick with what you have. you are doing fine. im 5'8 and ive been thrown with seio by guys who are 5'10 to 6'2... height really makes no difference.


resnick is right, make the technique match you, make it fit for you, if it works, keep it, if it does not, remove it...

initially it is all about exposing oneself to all the techniques, but in the end, we all develop our own particular style of judo

with no-gi, lots of "body type" stuff isn't as relevant.