Why Anaconda?

 Just curious to what the reasoning behind Anaconda in the name for this forum!

 Either because it's an effective move or because it's the nickname for Sir-Mix-a-Lot's penis. 

It's a badass choke.

Personal preference: gator roll > anaconda.

 I thought it was finally a forum for men with abnormally sized penises. Finally a place where people understand me

 Anacondas don't yank and pull, they squeeze  :)

 I'm yanking and pulling to this new forum

 It's all about the clinch...thus, squeeze.


 I just started to make this same exact thread...apologies for not checking first.  Anyway, here is what I was starting post:

Serious question:  Is it "just a name" or is there some meaning behind using "anaconda" as the name for the no gi forum?

Seems obvious to not use the name "no gi" forum so as not to confuse it with the company by the same name.

But why not the "head and arm choke" forum, or some other sub often used without a gi?

I don't mean to read too much into it, but I was curious if the anaconda had some special relationship to the no gi game over other subs that lead to this particular choice of name.  Anyone know?

BTW, I like the idea of this forum, and can't wait until it's full of great no gi threads.

America!  F Yeah!

EddieBravo -  Anacondas don't yank and pull, they squeeze  :)
answers Morgz questions.


The anaconda choke is irrelevant. It is a reference to the family of snakes known as constrictors which kill by natures best clinch. "Human anaconda mode" is a reference to ones ability to start squeezing, and only increase or maintain the pressure. Never decrease. Boa or python forum doesn't sound as cool.

 Interesting Debacle.  I'm guessing that is probably the essence of what Eddie posted as well.

Regardless, I dig it.  

It is exactly what Eddie said. Just detailed abit, for those who seemed to still not get the reference.

10th planet's no-gi system may be based on the squeeze in the clinch, but there are countless schools of thought and players who prefer a loose game no-gi. If the name is really based on that concept I find it a little biased and dogmatic.  

Edit: Just saw the forum was sponsored by 10th Planet. Bias accepted.

Loose is all good till you start gettin punched in the face. 10 p's bias is so, because fighting from a clench negates his strikes. This allows you to take as little damage in mma as possible. Lots of good strategies out there but i'm down with whichever gets me hit less when it gets down to it.

Because it appears first alphabetically in the training forums (above Atama BJJ), just like the logic of AAA Insurance in the phone book. However, MMA Training and Gear doesn't follow these rules...

thforklift -  Either because it's an effective move or because it's the nickname for Sir-Mix-a-Lot's penis. 

" my ananconda dont want none unless u got buns hun"

Hmm....in a nogi grappling mindset..that does seem kinda gay tho lol

john joe - i thought it was "An' a condom", a safer version of the TapouT Forum; :(


Rr why not call it the Catch Wrestling Forum? We've been doing no-gi rolling for quite sometime now :)