Why are black masks so much more sinister?

I see a fuck load of news media where everyone is wearing a solid black mask. it looks incredibly weird to me. why is it black? do doctors use black masks? no they fucking don’t because they want to be able to see if they are fucking dirty.

these black masks are fucking weird.

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The blue ones look stupid.

Sorta like black rifles


Fear of the unknown

you’d think they would want them bone white. cuz of … idk… the desire to see if they are dirty.

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any color other than white is functionally retarded.

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The shiny black ones always give me this sado maso vibe

they straight up look like emperor palatine or some weird ass clone wars shit. and EVERYONE of them has a black mask. i cant remember the last time i saw them in a white one. i hope someone proves me stupid.

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It was all a marketing ploy to make Antifa seem more normal as they hid their faces.

Antifa hides their faces for two reasons:

  1. To allow plausible deniability of Democrat politicians when they don’t track down and arrest Antifa for all their violent crimes.
  2. To hide the fact that they are something like 50% Jewish. Jews are extremely over-represented in Antifa and the other commie orgs.

Or black ice

Anyone I see wearing a mask is not to be taken seriously, in the slightest.

Is that true about Antifa and Jewish people? Doesn’t seem realistic to me.


yes, 100% true. totally proven fact. surprised you hadn’t heard!

Look at the 3 guys who Kyle Rittenhouse shot at the Kenosha riots. The dead guys represent a semi-random sample of 3 people in that riot:

2/3 confirmed Jewish
1/3 unclear if Jewish.

It’s not like Kenosha, Wisconsin is some Jewish Mecca. Antifa is a Jewish/Bolshevik group that hires crack-heads and recruits naive college kids to bolster their ranks for riots.

Most Jewish people aren’t Bolsheviks or commies, but most Bolsheviks and commies are Jewish.

Joos and bagels

now i see what you’re really playing at