Why are my berries so small?

I grew a bunch of strawberries this summer. And they produced, but the berries where SMALL. See below. I mean, real small. Now, don’t get me wrong, they tasted great. At least as good as the best strawberry I’ve ever bought from a supermarket. But how the heck can I get them to grow into those big honkers you always see them selling at the store?

Thanks for any help!!!

Did you check the yield in the type of plant? Sometime it could take a season or two.


In small towns in Italy they say
“le bacche riflettono il pene della persona che le coltiva”

(berries reflect the penis of the person growing them.)


The small ones are easier to shove in your ass…


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OriginalTUFer, did you use your own shit for fertilizer?

Sorry I only know about plums

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They are all Chandler, which I understand are the most popular ones, and like the VAST majority of the big ones you buy in the store are Chandler. How do I check yield?

LOL, nice. I’m pretty sure those HUGE ones are caused by making two or more strawberries/strawberry shoots or whatever grow together when they are young so you are essentially causing all their strawberries to join forces. Could be wrong doe.

Im slacking!

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No, only men will be putting the strawberries in their mouth

That’s what real wild grown berries look like. Same goes for blackberries and blueberries. I’ve picked all of the above in the wild and they’re always a fraction of the size of the disgusting GMO frankenfoods you get at the grocery store. Go find a blueberry bush in the wild and it’ll be full of tiny berries that actually taste good and stain your mouth blue when you eat them. Buy blueberries in the grocery store and you get these giant sour or flavorless things that you can bite in half and see how little color they have.

Enjoy your real food.

Screen name checks out!! :slight_smile:

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