Why are people like Joe Rogan such wimps

Joe Rogan was/is a Bernie supporter. Yet, right before he signs this huge spotify deal, he moves to Texas to avoid paying taxes on his new deal. Yet, Bernie is huge into high taxes and the things California pushes. Yet Rogan a Bernie supporter moves to avoid all of this.

Rogan is a fucking pussy


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Strong words. Strong, bewildering words.

He moved to Texas, not California. And he did so to avoid the the increasing threats from the riots and the covid authoritarian mandates.

He also is quite fluid in his politics. He said at one point he supported Bernie and Tulsi Gabbard. But he also said if he was forced to chose between Trump and Biden, he would vote Trump. He ended up voting third party.

Joe is far from the lefty some consider him to be. Remember, the left considers Joe alt-right.


Joe is a poster child why one shouldn’t smoke soo much weed. Its amazing anyone listens to an idiot pothead and take his opinions seriously.


I like Joe but I listen for the interesting guests. I don’t take Joe’s advice(or any other popular person) on covid, vaccines, politics, or anything else.

Not a pussy, just a hypocrite but I can understand someone getting a little clarity once the check cashes.

If he was all about bowing to the establishment narrative he would never have had Alex Jones on again twice and Bret Weinstein right after Youtube banned him. He also would never have said he would vote Trump over Biden. He also repeatedly calls Biden mentally compromised.

And not only has he not been vaccinated, he has openly discussed the potential benefits of Ivermectin and also took it recently with his bout of covid. All of these things are in opposition to someone being subservient to the establishment to get a check.

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