why are so many of you....

so bothered with new fans to the sport????? it gets sold reading " so last night i was with 30 people and when they announced cro cop was fighting i was the only one who knew who he was" who gives a rats ass if they dont know who he is because they have only been watching for a short period...whats wrong with a sport growing????

I feel an unexplainable anger and embarrassment when fans have no idea who some of the best fighters in the sport are. I can't explain it. I almost feel ashamed to be a fan of the UFC when guys like Rampage and CroCop are introduced with little fanfare. I have no explanation for why I feel this way, but perhaps its something I inherited from the UG (MMA snobbery).

The sad thing is, that attitude ruins the fun of watching UFC events for me. Occasionally I wish I was just some drunk loser watching just to see a couple of guys beat each others face in, but I don't think there's anyway for me reverse this emotional attachment I've developed for the sport.

I similarly get angry when fans boo, but that crosses the lines of MMA into all sports. For some reason American sports fans find it easier to boo for the opposition or "bad guy." I think it makes less sense for me as someone that doesn't fight or train; but I think it's certainly understandable for someone that trains day-after-day in an effort to be a fighter only to feel unappreciated by the fans.

yes, the people who have said they have been fans for years when really they have been fans for maybe a year or 2.

I was here when the UFC was struggling for their life and supported them mightily.

I think that most are worried about a dumbing down of the product for
the new audience. With Leben, Boner and Koscheck being top names in
the UFC, who could blame them? Before the addition of Mirko and
Rampage it looked like the UFC was headed in the wrong direction with
the talent they were brining in and building up.

I'm hoping that Dana takes all that new money that the noobs are
brining in and keeps brining in top fighters from around the world. If
that happens maybe the hardcore fans might warm up to the noobs a
little more.

part of the reason i said what i said is...around 7-8 months ago...i didnt know shit about a lot of fighters...but im hooked now...and i get really excited telling my friends and other people about guys like cro cop and rampage...i definitely understand getting pissed when people run their mouths and dont have a clue what they are talking about...but i dont think its fair to get mad because someone is new to watching and doesnt know who some of these guys are because i was in that spot a while back

True, People who talk like they train and fight, but don't know shit, can be really annoying. But, I find most people who are new to the sport, or have never seen it before, are interested in learning more and ask legitimate questions. I have no problem explaining something to someone who wants to learn more.