Why are the boomers so trusting of the government/main stream media?

Yep hippies are a media creation.

There news sources come from tv or newspaper. It’s all they know.

Got rid of cable tv & my mom try’s to have them not watch the news
They stream all their shit now

CNN remember when cnn was the first 24h news channel
CNN headline news was great , state headline for every state
Real stories was kinda a fun network

I’m sure it was BS back then but they seemed legit
Now it’s a :clown_face: show

People 80 and above are the silent generation. Fine people, aside from their rampant racism.

Boomers were born 1945 to around 1960. So they are currently aged around 62 to 77.

Its sort of the opposite.

Woke Youngsters suck the government and medias dick these days .

What happened to “question authority, think for yourself”

Somebody on facebook told them Beyoncé said that was dumb.