Why are those who picked Koscheck being crybabies?

I've never seen anything so pitiful in my life from an MMA fan.

Georges St. Pierre stood with Josh Koscheck for the majority of the fight, outstruck him soundly, punched him until he became a cyclops, and even won the wrestling exchanges in the overall fight, yet many of those who said he was afraid to stand are still crying?

He proved he wasn't afraid to stand in this fight so why are people reaching so hard? If you picked Koscheck or even were stupid enough to flush money away by betting on Koscheck, why don't you just man up and admit you were wrong? Admit that you underestimated GSP, that you were proven wrong, and at least give him some respect.

My prediction is that if GSP finishes Shields when they fight that Georges will either get no attention at all while people just berate Shields instead. Yes, everyone knows that GSP is much better standing than Shields and that on paper, GSP is a nightmare matchup and will probably stuff Shield's takedowns. If Shields gets to the ground, he can win, but on paper, it doesn't look like he will get there and he probably gets finished by GSP.

Will the crybabies that can't handle GSP's dominance say that GSP failed to entertain them by giving them a show and beating Shields up over 5 rounds if GSP just annihilates him from the opening bell? I can see this coming now. I can't wait to see the more whiny excuses and supposedly grown adults who can't man up and be a little humble after embarrassing themselves.