Why are we focusing on fatties/Covid?

When in fact Covid is killing our grandparents?

Average age of death for covid is in the low 80s? 83?

Statistically, if you reach 80 there is a pretty good chance you will live past 90,

Because being a fatty is a preventable choice, being old is not.

Covid fucks up 2 groups more than any, the old and the fat. I think members of these groups should get vaccinated (and I’m not vaccinated).


But a lot would be classed as overweight based on the outdated BMI index?

The 2 million odd with cancer in the US are at less risk than the 34 million in the US that have diabetes?

But type 2 does make up 90/95% of the 34 million.

A lot of people are fat and should get it. Probably half the population or close to it. But if you aren’t a fatty and are under 50, the risk benefit analysis is more nuanced imo.