Why are you pro-death-penalty?

I am asking you this because since I recognized myself as a thinking being I never accepted the idea of killing people.

Therefore, I don´t understand why people can be pro-death-penalty.

I can understand the urgency on killing somebody else to self-defense (I´ve already been in a scary situation that made me think seriously about it - and it was a disgusting and frustrating feeling to discover this about myself). But in cold blood? Never.

if we do not have the tools to rehabilitate you (ex: a man who has raped and or murdered on multiple occaisions) it is more economical to end the life than to attempt to beat a dead horse.

With the exception of vampires etc., dead people generally can't commit crimes. Hence death is the best way to stop people re-offending. If it was up to me, I would use the death penalty for people who commit serious crimes, and for persistent offenders who repeatedly commit lower level crimes (eg. if a person keeps getting busted for burglaries or muggings, eventually you should just kill them rather than letting them prey on society).

Whilst some criminals can be rehabilitated, I don't think everyone deserves that chance. If you step over a certain line, I think you should be considered to have forfeited your life.

  1. A society putting someone to death for a crime is clearly biblical from an Old Testament standpoint.

  2. I believe that the Commandment on "killing" should actually read "Thou shalt no murder" which is generally agreed upon by Biblical scholars. Therefore killing for self-defense, war, and justice seem to be sanctioned in the Bible (Old Law of course).

  3. As far as why I am for the death penalty itself I believe it is a just sentence for a murderer. If you take a life in cold blood with no justifiable reason then you should pay with your own. Its an affirmation of the value of the life taken. I have never seen the death penalty in terms of a deterrent and don't understand the people who make the deterrent argument either way.

    With all of that said I still feel that my view may be changing on the death penalty but not because I don't think it is a just thing to do.

I'm only for it for certain henious individuals..Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc.

yours in Christ


The death penalty shows absolutely the highest value of life imaginable. In fact, we value it so highly that the only thing you can do to lose your life is to take the life of another.

Thanks for the answers, guys. I wonder if any of you would have the will to be the executioner.

"dead people generally can't commit crimes."

IBI, under the spiritist point of view dead people also commit crimes, both at the spiritual and material worlds.

I am against the death penalty for the following
reasons: (1) The justice system is not always a sure
thing and innocent people have sometimes been
condemned. (2) Even if it was 100% sure there is
always a possiblility that a person could accept
Christ and be saved from an eternal hell. If hell is
like it is supposed to be then I would want even
Hitler, Stalin and Saddam to have every chance to
accept Jesus Christ as Savior. (3) Life in prison
without possibility for parole is a pretty horrible
punishment and that is what I think that horrible
people deserve.


The possibility of real repentance is the main reason I have considered changing my view on the death penalty although in truth a murderer has plenty of time to do that before he is executed and if the thought of meeting your maker in a few months doesn't make you take a hard look at the state of your soul I am not sure a life sentence would.


If I knew without a shadow of a doubt that a person was a cold blooded murderer who say kidnapped a woman, raped her, tortured her, then murdered her (actually happened when I was in college) I would pull the switch or inject the poison so fast it would make your head spin.  Nice try at emotionalism.

So you are talking about revenge?

Nice try again. What you tried to imply first is that a person who supported the death penalty wouldn't actually have the conviction to be the executioner himself. I told you that knowing the person did those things I would.

Now you are trying to imply that would be revenge but the way you originally framed your question was whether or not, within the context of a legal system, a person who supports the death penalty would actually have the guts to see it through. If this is intellectual sparring you are throwing wild punches in the air so far.

But what would you feel while killing such person?

I do not believe that any decent society should be putting people to death. lock them away till they die sure.

That amounts to the same thing. In each case you're taking away the rest of a person's life.

I wonder if any of you would have the will to be the executioner.

Sure. Since I morally support the death penalty, it would be hypocritical of me if I was unwilling to push the button or pull the switch.

I think it's the best option in a lot of cases. I don't think that human life has a huge amount of inherent value, and people who are a drain on society don't need to be around.

I'm taking a philosophy course and EVERY issue we're doing deals with death. I don't have to think very hard to answer most of the questions.

If I had the job I would approach it with grim determination. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it if that's what you mean. I have seen plenty of animal death and even though it isn't the same thing its all grim business. I don't see how emotion is relevant since there are many moral actions that bring little or no pleasant emotion and there are many immoral actions that bring plenty of at least temporary good feelings.

"That amounts to the same thing."

I don´t think so. A life spent in prison is not a paradise, for sure, but it is life, nonetheless. One can work, read, learn, make friends in jail. If the guy is too dangerous, and need to be put in solitaire, he can still think about what he has been doing with his own life, and perhaps change a bit. If this time spent in jail is a waste or not depends on the individual.

Hypothetically speaking, if you believed in reincarnation, would you still be pro-death-penalty?

Well like most people against the death penalty you expend a lot of emotional energy on the murderers and very little on the victims and their families.

Hypothetically speaking, if you believed in reincarnation, would you still be pro-death-penalty?

Yeah, I don't see why I wouldn't be.

No it doesn't, killing and taking an individuals rights and liberty and two completely different things.

Death penalty = you stay in jail for a while and then die.

Life in prison = you stay in jail for a while and then die.

At least with the death penalty you get a decent last meal...