Why aren’t black people mad at Africa?

Africa won’t give them any freebies

I can hear your vagina flapping from here…

Agreed 100%, however remember the question in the topic.

You are dead right I am not a product of the American education system, I can actually produce full sentences, locate countries on maps and speak 4 languages. I am however a product of the European education system. You’ve got me!

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Jesus Christ stop feeding the troll.

Who are you talking to? You do know we’re both trolls, right?

No, those are my nuts slapping your forehead like Benny Hill.

Catholic church?

Jeffrey dahmer?

I’m sure a white guy invented the atom bomb. One of the most destructive things in human history.

Game set match?

Don’t lower yourself to his level. That clown reps Hitler.

Ever child goes through a rebellious stage. In instances where a father figure may be absent, it is of little consequence that one would feel compelled to cling upon their mother’s waste band, blaming, visualizing The Man never met.

Facts in fact give a fuck about feelings. Feelings are the precursor of ‘facts’. Behavioral mannerisms and such…

Pedro is so predictable. Claiming someone on the thread likes Hitler! Wow

I hope someone tracks down your IP address someday


He plays basketball and would fuck anyone up.

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No need, it’s like tracking down a toddler… nothing to gain.

Your tranny must love your emotional state?

And still… you did not refute a single thing I said.

Must be amazing living in a world of feelings.

Do show me where I rep Hitler? My first forefather was a Polish Jew who fled Germany to Africa?

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Glad you’re still around m8. Doing well I hope.

Do yourself a favor and take a breath


Hey, Hitler repping would be my thing, not yours!

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Took longer than I thought for a bitch ass to show up.

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