"Why aren't fighters ripped?"

A co-worker's hubby asked me that this weekend?  I through out a few "ripped" examples and realized I was sounding a little romo listing off buff fighters. Next idea was trying to explain the whole "abs and biceps don't equal good fighter" speech. I even compared strong men's competitors and how they would crush the heads of body builders. 

Now this guy was still looking at me like I wasn't talking and threw back "Well why don't they all have six packs?"  Is there an easy answer? This is why I hate talking to new fight fans about fighting.

The most important criteria for well defined muscles is low body fat

Fighters who cut weight have well defined muscles because they must have low body fat

Fighters who don't cut weight, often don't have well defined muscles because they don't need to have low body fat

The majority of top non heavy weight MMA fighters have 6 packs

Oh yeah, this guy knew some things well though.  He knew Fedor was the badest mofo on the planet.  Although he did think he was 6'8 and like 300lbs so that's why he did so well and didn't need to be ripped.

More important to train technique in MMA than worrying about body fat % and huge guns. Just make weight.

^Johnnie Morton would disagree with that statement

offensive linemen all have 6 packs. better recognize!

Mike, if  you look at the weighin pics for the last several UFCs, I'd say most of the guys are ripped in those pics.  And tell him to get as ripped as he wants, then fight you, lol.

surrounded by fat guys

"I through out a few "ripped" examples and realized I was sounding a little romo listing off buff fighters"

Why would you feel like you were sounding like a homo talking about physiques? Unless of course you are insecure about your sexual orientation.

Frank, I didn't make a point to "non gayly" lift the shirt to wipe my face at the same time give the "where's the beach" flex and let him know a lot of fighters are ripped :)

8 pac bitches;)

Bill Jackson, insecure?  I am so secure I have proven it many times by fondling another male to the point of no return only to show my man hood proving it was still limp and no way aroused.  Completely secure, see?

When Mike banged me, he didn't even like it.  :)

i just masturbated to those weight in pics does that make me gay or just a big fan?

 Rumblefish, indeed you are.

I should have told him they all look ripped with Affliction T-shirts on though :)

Off topic a bit, but is it just me or does Franklins nose still lose fucked?

" Did anybody else notice the bad case of Gynocomastia on George Gurgel?"

Once you mentioned it, I looked closely. Yes, it is quite pronounced.

Mike Lee is romo!

By romo do you mean ripped?  Why the ripped hate Carlao? Give it a try once... once you go Mike thats all you'll like!