Why arent no mask days organized?

Its clear the government would be happy with us wearing masks forever. We will be wearing them at least until Fauci dies. I dont want to wear a mask for the rest of my life.

We are going to wear them until everyone refuses. Why has there been no attempt at no mask day protests. A day where in theory no one follows the mandate and it becomes unenforcable. Maybe it wouldnt work but Im surprised at the lack of an attempt.

Are there too many weak chin little beta guys hiding their fake open mouth shocked smiles to pull this off?

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The mask is the blanky for the left , it’s the new safe place ,

So brave for bringing up this topic which we have never discussed before…

Shut TF up! This is a thread for AMERICANS!!! Get OUT of here!


So brave for pointing out that I am not american, which has never been brought up before…


Do you just post the same lame crap in every response? Let me guess, someone has brought that up before. Yawn… boring troll.

So brave for using the standard troll response that no one has ever used before…