Why big note about tapping people while training?

I don't understand the whole I tapped this person once in training?Guys it's training are u constantly beating this guy your bragging about tapping?do u beat him in competitions,and or when training gets serious in gym?if your not then shut the f#*k up!!oh yea this is inspired by that Brock thread and I'm not a Brock fan. Phone Post

Oh yea directed at Lentz... Phone Post

 He acknowledged he did it while Brock wasn't ready, then got thrown across the gym. Sounds like a funny story to share, to me.

What was confusing to you about that?
He explained that he caught Brock not paying attention, slapped on a choke, then proceeded to get thrown across the room. I don't see that as bragging.

Maybe u should take a break from teh internets. Phone Post