Why BJJ is better than Judo

I have seen this argument on here alot lately.

I am by far not a proponent of jiujitsu (my 'style' is shootwrestling, much different than jiujitsu), but in general, BJJ practitioners are more likely to focus on groundwork, striking and training without a Gi. There are exceptions, but this says to me that most BJJ practitioners are better than Judo because of the likelihood of cross-training.

But I think Yoshida has a very slight advantage in the upcoming fight, but Royce has a very good chance of winning.

Just my $0.02!

"Throw of Death" Judo is far superior to butt-flopping BJJ.

Yoshid will spank Royce's floppin' butt.

Just my $0.02!

I believe Yoshida will put Royce to sleep.

If you grapple enough with the brown belts (or black) you will tap them out, everyone makes mistakes, and EVERYONE taps, try not to think of belts so much.

The only people that don't tap are people that don't wrestle with high quality partners or opponents.

Go to Japanese colleges and find competitive judokas there. There are hundreds of them. And ask them to grapple with you on the pavement.

In judo, brown belts dont mean a thing. Different belting system.

Judo is most effective on the street, not dojo. Dojo is just the place to train.

I see.

I guess the same could apply to Greco-Roman wrestling.

greco roman wreslting is all about self defense as all u need is a great take down or slam to do the trick. street fighting is that easy

its not

we should just go to a wrestling school or a sport judo school and get the false hope that this is all u need to win in a street fight

Better than Judo at what? Under BJJ rules yes it is better, under mma rules both are very limited, I have trained both and think the differences between the two are HIGHLY overrated.

I would agree that Judo has better throws than BJJ, and boxing has better punches than BJJ, but can you rely 100% on better throwing or better punching?

I have a very limited knowledge of Gi grappling, whether it's Judo or Jiujitsu.