Why Boo 'Bones?'

I know you guys are probably enjoying the lack of Jon Jones threads right now, but I thought this discussion on the MMA Hour brought up some really interesting points about Jones.


Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has had an incredible year. The gifted UFC Light Heavyweight Champion went 4-0 in 2011, submitting Ryan Bader in February before finishing three former champions in a row in Mauricio Rua, Quinton Jackon, and most recently Lyoto Machida. He is the only champion to have defended the 205lb strap more than once since Chuck Liddell in 2006. Jon Jones truly sits on the cusp of greatness, and he is readily approaching the coveted number one spot on the pound-for-pound list. And yet, he is often showered with boos when he fights. Why?

Jones is intelligent, respectful, dynamic, and despite what his detractors say, he’s humble too. He also chases down robbers in the park hours before a title fight, no biggie. He’s not exactly unlikeable.

Perhaps it’s his dominance, his seemingly invincible stature that inspires contempt from fans. MMA journalists Ariel Helwani and Gareth Davies, along with UFC middleweight Tom Lawlor, discussed the topic at length on The MMA Hour.

“Jones hasn’t shown any spots where he’s definitely vulnerable,” said Lawlor. “Humans want to see that vulnerability. They want to be able to relate to somebody."

“[Jones] is a champion, but does he have a champion’s heart?” asked Davies. “Would you want him next to you in a trench in a war?”

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they boo him cuz hes black.

I don't like him it's not cause he's BLACK it's cause he is cocky and dana's lil boy and he always talk about god the dude isn't even married and has kids with a girl thats not very christian like??? the guy is phoney and does not speak for himself he let everybody else speak for him whatever dana and jackson tells him what to say he says!!!thats why I like Diaz so much he don't give a fu$k and speaks his mind

I'm Black. So that theory, at least in part, goes out the window.

I don't like him because he's not humble. He's pretending to be humble.

 He seems too good to be true, and he seems to know it. That's off-putting to a lot of people.

Not to me, I think what he does inside the cage is fucking awesome and I'm not dumb enough to forget that he's a 24-year old that embaresses world champions who doesn't want to come off TOO much like even he is incredibly shocked at the wild shit he can do.