Why boxing gets no respect in MMA

im convinced that this mainly comes from art jimmerson throwing his fight against royce gracie


Respect the sport - those guys are more conditioned than most MMA players. Ever hit a heavy bag for 3 minutes? Imagine doing that for 12 rounds with a minute rest in between - oh - by the way - someone else is hitting you.

By the time you are 50 you will not know your middle name.

this sport desserves respect - and I promise - its a fight!

You want to talk about a sport that should not get respect its TKD

That is the dumbest martial art of all time.

Let's take the 2 most useful techniques in striking
(face punching and leg kicking) and take those out and put a little target on the chest - the most useless place to attack someone and give points for causing absolutely no damage.

OH YAH - and lets only fight for 3 minutes. And you get disqualified for hitting someone too hard!

And to advance in belts - you break this little piece of pine and dance around the mat doing a little dance called kata.

Dictionary.com defines fight as

To attempt to harm or gain power over an adversary by blows or with weapons.
Sports. To engage in boxing or wrestling.

Boxing should always get respect.....Boxing may not be the "be-all, end-all" of fighting, but it is a crucial aspect of fighting and someone well versed in boxing could put quite a hurting on someone...and I don't think that there is any other sport in the world, including MMA, that has the kind of drama that boxing does....not to mention the heart and determination that is exhibited at all levels of the sport....

I kind of agree. I think MMA showed a tremendous lack of respect when they tried to discredit Bernard Hopkins' accomplishments by suggesting he wouldn't last 30 seconds in the UFC, a sport in which he does not practice. Would he? Who cares? He made more money in his last fight than all the UFC competitors, collectively, in the last 10 shows (just a guess). Besides that attempt is the classic example of Player Hateism - Never dis somebody to be somebody.

And while the arguement states that boxing is not fighting because of the rules, well the same goes for MMA. Every time I see a clinch I think, "there goes a good chance to headbutt, to knee in the balls, or to bite off his ear".

Din has hit the correct with a 1-2 combo. Those that do not respect boxing are those who suffer from small penis complex. It is possible for boxig and MMA to flourish without badmouthing the other.

MMA fighters don't usually badmouth boxers b/c they know how hard it is and vice versa. This is why you see boxers coming to the UFC shows. they respect it.

The only people who don't respect one of the two b/c they practice the other are people like McDojo (aptly named) who have never practiced it or are too close minded to try an adapt to new things.

"Hitting each other with big pillows..."

Lmao @ the complete ignorance illustrated with that phrase. I challenge you to go into any boxing gym and see how soft and fluffy those "big pillows" feel against your head and body.

Exactly my point Chad.

Din Thomas is correct.

I can't believet, but for once Hot Potato is right. Are you done trolling or just on a break?

Din by complete PWN3GE!!!1

Go watch Ward-Gatti I and then watch Severn-Royce and
tell me what looks more like a fight to you.

boxing gets alot of respect for it's hand skill, but pure boxing is probably the most one dimensional combat sport we know and because of it's limits, it will always have weakness.

double post)

Again for the 1000th time, Professional boxing gloves are designed with the intention of protecting the hands from damage. You are also allowed to wrap your hands in gauze and tape, basically allowing your hands greater weight and a better opportunity to throw hard shots with less risk of damaging your hands from pounding your opponent in the ribs for 10 or 12 rounds. Professional boxing gloves are designed to maximze impact. Think about it: More KO power = more excitement to the fans.

Saying they are pillows is a statement of ignorance.

Boxing is fighting, just like kickboxing is fighting, San Shou that Cung Le participates in is fighting, old RINGS rules matches (no striking on the ground) were fighting and old PANCRASE rules matches (with rope escapes, open palm strikes etc.) were fights. It is just different variations of fighting. True Vale Tudo looks very different from MMA as we know it today. Still, it demeans what the fighters are doing to call it anything but a fight.


"but pure boxing is probably the most one dimensional combat sport we know"

i disagree... look at all the grappling tourneys with NO strikes, say what you will but there is some at least some grappling involved in boxing

jack, but the "grappling" you describe is only to shut down the opponents hands, with no thought to takedowns, head control, dominant clinch etc..

For over a hundred years, boxers have been, most times, referred to as "fighters" by writers. It IS fighting. "Boxing gloves as pillows". Apparently, you've never been hit before with someone using a boxing glove.

BIC- yea its not gonna knock bjj off the map but ive seen boxers take each other down form the clinch and ive seen arms cranked...

my comparison is with sport grappling and its lack of strikes... they are both incomplete, read the accounts of the laimon/gracie fight and tell me how thats more realistic than manny pacquiao bombing a dude out.

bob- lets let them keep mentioning the pillows, its a tipoff that they are clueless