Why Boxing is In Big Trouble

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lol mackz. I'm glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for reading. At InsideFighting we like Boxing and MMA.


Hi Elias,

Thanks for the link. I'm 39 and have been a boxing fan since I was a kid (I remember watching Ali and Hagler fight on ABC) and I'm also a very big MMA fans (I watched UFC 3 live). Personally, I have never understood why someone has to choose between boxing and MMA because both of them are different sports with some similarities. Hell, I even like K-1! I don't think that much can be done to resurrect the heavyweight division because there is so little talent. But what can save boxing is exciting fighters in the lower weight divisions like Pacquiao. Also, in those weight divisions, there are a lot of exciting Latin fighters who are aggressive and fight every minute of every round. Because most people don't understand or appreciate ground fighting, it is easier for them to watch and enjoy boxing. I doubt that MMA has led to the decline of boxing. Boxing is killing itself in anumber of different ways.

Good article

"Personally, I have never understood why someone has to choose between boxing and MMA because both of them are different sports with some similarities."

I agree 100%

Thanks for reading Fraser, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

ron den otter, your welcome for the link. My pleasure. Thanks for reading.

I think you make some excellent points. First of all, you don't have to choose between different combat sports. They all have compelling components and lessons to learn from. I also think you are right about the business of boxing hurting itself in many ways. I think Aymar would agree with you.

What did you think about some of the reasons he listed in the piece? Agree, disagree? Any you would add on to?

This goes for everyone as well.


I've watched more boxing this year than any other, oddly enough.

dan black, with you on that. Orcus, that's interesting. There were certaintly plenty of great fights to keep you busy. What was your favorite fight of the year, and what did you think about the reasons Mark Aymar listed in his article for boxing being in trouble? Or what do you think of the entire premise for that matter?

"Personally, I have never understood why someone has to choose between boxing and MMA because both of them are different sports with some similarities."

Because boxing is a great sport but not worth buying the PPV.

attack brings the economic considerations into the discussion. Interesting...

It's a good article, but did you read the next one in line?

"Next time: Why boxing is NOT in big trouble "

Rastus, yep. That should be fun. It will be written by the same author, Mark Aymar as well. It will be interesting to see what he has to say in the opposite direction after all that he wrote in this column.
It's all sincere as well. Aymar has a very balanced perspective and approach on things. Definitely a good ethos of credibility.


I love both MMA and boxing.

Does that make me bi?

"Definitely a good ethos of credibility."

I would like to know, on balance, what his opinion is. For me, it takes away credibility to state firmly one side and just as firmly the other side.

Does he think, on balance, boxing is in decline or not? Outside of that, he's just playing advocate.

Boxing has been dying as a sport since the 1950's. The rise in popularity of MMA doesn't help but Boxing was in serious trouble long before MMA came on the scene. It isn't like the younger fans that MMA tends to attract are being "drawn away" from Boxing since few of them were Boxing fans to begin with.

Every decade since the 50's there have been less fighters, less Boxing gyms, less exposure in the media and less interest among the fans. The fact that there were still a lot of outstanding fighters like Ali, Duran, Monzon, Hagler, Leonard etc. over that time helped to camouflage the many serious problems that have been killing the sport.

Too many weight classes, too many "champions", rampant corruption among the sanctioning bodies, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg. While Boxing has had its share of low points in the past I'm afraid this time the situation is terminal and it isn't "coming back" any time soon.

I've been following Boxing for 30 years, everybody in my family used to be big Boxing fans. Virtually every holiday get together was spent watching old fight films and arguing over who would have beaten who. Now I can't even be bothered to tune in when there is a fight on and nobody in my family cares anymore either. My experience is not unique. None of my old friends who used to watch Boxing regularly in the past follow the sport and in fact I don't think that I know a single person who has anything more than a casual interest. When the lifelong hardcore fans have thrown up their hands in disgust and don't care anymore you know that the sport is in trouble.

If that makes someone bi RuleDogg, then I'm a raging bi.

... and lol @ the KKMs dissing boxing.