Why Brandon Vera Vs. Ryan Bader would be great

Both are 0-2 or worse in their last fights.

Both will have NO CHOICE but to win this fight to stay somewhat relevant.

With both of their backs against the wall, it's likely that this fight will be fireworks.

tito or Bader. Vera will beat either

hes due

Tito is beyond Vera at this point, so he might as well fight someone higher ranked like Franklin, Lil Nog, or Forrest/Shogun.

Ryan Bader Vs. Brandon Vera would be an ideal fight.

lol fuck that.. give vera a break dude. they should give him a winnable fight to get his confidence back. ortiz/vera is perfect. especially if they wanna keep him around when they break into the philippines market with TUF.

Plus it would be an easy W for Bader, allowing him back on the winning track.