Why cant Brady do this for 3 to 5 more years?

Why not dammit. He can. And he will .

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He will play into his 50’s

of course he can continue to fuck his boyfriend Alex Guerrero for many more years!!!

I am a life long bucs fan. I still cannot believe Brady is the QB here. We went from a Pinto (Jaiemis Winston) to a Porsche. It is incredible. Brady looks like he is getting better with age.


his boyfriend agrees!

If his Oline keeps up with strong protection there is no reason he can’t. Depends how well protected he is.

I think that’s a big reason Peyton Manning didn’t last longer. He got crushed way more. Took its toll on him

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Hope he gets 10 rings



Just look at Drew Brees. He was chugging right along matching Brady TD for TD, but then this past season his line broke down and he wound up with 13 broken ribs and got the message from the football gods that his time was up.


This game wasn’t a trap game but I like Dallas to win .

Arch Manning will get 10 and erase that fruitcake from the record books!

he’s gotta be on the Victor Conte type gear

He’ll have to retire when he’s sworn in as president 2028 , might come back the following weeks to win final super bowl


Dude is the best leader I’ve ever seen on the field. Better than Montana IMO. He can win with any team.


Damn he is sharp. Sure he’s got weapons which helps

He is a ball deflater in more ways than one!

Fuck that cheating faggut!

Put in Cooper Rush, the Cowboys need a good white christian quarterback

I don’t see how Tampa can stop this.

End of ad is pretty funny

he is old as fuck. i have given up on him ever sucking.

He’s never going to retire. He’s just gonna die on the field at the age of 76 m, after winning 23 superbowls, and be buried on the 30 yard line in an in-game ceremony


He could just be a ring mercenary and just go to the team that only needs a WB to run the offense.