Why cant Brady do this for 3 to 5 more years?

Threw 2 picks in the first half, nearly costing them the game. He’s washed. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Gabbert at some point in week 2.

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Dude, the statistics from all of last year counter the “dink and dunk” narrative.

Brady is one of the few QBs in the league’s history to hit 50 tds a year, and the 5,000 yard mark

Dink and Dunk. lol. Just because he doesn’t run around behind the line playing hero ball like Aaron Rodgers and Mahomes doesn’t mean he’s a dink and dunker.

Just a stupid comment.

To compare:

Brady’s stats from last year
4600 Yards, 40 TDs, 65.7 completion %, 102.2 Rating

Compare To Mahomes

4700 Yards, 38 Tds, 66% completion, 108 rating

not THAT dissimilar

Is he sucking your dick? Don’t get why you’re getting defensive for no reason.

I’m talking over the next 4 years… let’s see if he keeps those numbers up.

Plus a ring

Hope they don’t accidentally dig up Hoffa.


Only if they play in the old Meadowlands, right?

Well we don’t know what field he’s gonna die on, but he’s going to play until he does lmao.

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This is part of the greatness of Brady.

Look what he did with Antonio Brown.
The guy is a half retarded thug who even got kicked out of New England after that “second chance”.

Tom Brady has him over to his house, takes him under his wing.
Now Antonio Brown is saying he loves Tom Brady, he is a great friend, and will play hard for him.

It’s like Tom Brady just comes in and Jedi Mind Tricks people!


Brady is like Jordan in a way.

If people say he doesn’t have it any more, if he cant do this, cant do that, etc…he takes it personal to the point of insanity.

Watching the Last Dance when Jordan was talking about that stuff…Brady is the same way.


Except Brady does not seem like a raging asshole.

He’s more like Federer. The best ever in his sport, but by all accounts seems like a good human being.



Both absolute obsessive competitors.

Brady has set a new standard IMO.
He personifies the QB position being about leadership as much as playing.

I can’t not root for the guy…unles he’s playing my team.

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He’s insanely competitive, plenty of examples of him yelling and screaming on the sidelines when he’s pissed off.


Oh I get it. He is crazy competitive. Just doesn’t seem to let it drift into his normal life.

Not really relevant, just an observation

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Yeah, that’s true.

Definitely doesn’t seem to have “off the court” issues like Jordan did


Get a fuckin’ name first before you go talking Super Bowls.

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Yeah, how hard can that be?

The fact that they haven’t decided yet tells me they’re hoping that everyone forgets and they can just call themselves the Redskins again.

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The Washington Gerrymanderers

The Washington Fillibusters

The Washington Lobbyists

It can’t be THAT hard to decide on a name

Honestly Washington Football team is awesome. Its literally the best option to the woke pressure from the league.