Why cant Brady do this for 3 to 5 more years?

I agree. Football team way is better than any option i’ve seen thrown out there

They should have just stuck with Redskins and changed the logo.


Well Dan Snyder is a potato, so it’s fitting

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Washington Recalls

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this. it’s leadership. it’s not talked about enough regarding QBs but it’s 90% of the job. getting guys to believe in what can happen is an unbelievably important aspect of competing on and off the field and no one does it like brady. all the greats have it and you can see it just in the way they talk.


YOu mean, that’s why Smoking Jay Cutler never won a championship?

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This thread has occupied all the time of Goonies loving chiminos so I’m happy

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The Washington National Guard Fenced Off City Totally Legit Election Team

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The definition of a true leader


That’s his OLD hair. Fixed it for ya.


Yeah did he get hair plugs or something?

Yeah he probably did that shit Logan Paul was talking about, you have to go to like Greece for it or something

Mahomes did miss two games, and played on one leg for half the season.

That said, Brady played biggest when it mattered most.

Brady had a knee injury all year. He had surgery this off season

Shit happens

So far so good


Keeps going

Leading the nfl in passing yards and tds

At 44 years old