Why can't teens divisions use...

I'm 17 and i compete in grappling competitions. My specialty is leglocks yet i can't use anything outside of a kneebar and achilles lock. Why can't we use heel hooks or ankle locks? I think it's bullshit unless there is a really good reason for it

B/c they are dangerous and should be left to those who can controll themselves to minimize injury.

good point. Thank you. I'll be 18 in july anyways

That also annoys me, im 17 and ive been training For ahwile and i really like leg locks, but i found that preparing for tournaments that dont allow them really improve my other techniques


my son does leglocks alot in tournies,ck the gracie bjj out, he just turned 17 nothing wrong with them.

You think not being able to use certain leg locks are bad... try being a female, 21, @ 100lbs and going to grappling tourneys regardless the level.. and being grouped in a weight class where u fight people like 30-50lbs heavier then you???


dont matter cuase my boy darkside is gonna win