Why cant UFN be on tape delay for PST?

A 4pm start is a bit early, no?

Personally, a 7pm or even 6pm tape delay broacast would be much better. And, yeah, i know there are repeats some days later.

Im in So Cal with Time Warner and it starts at 7...

There is a replay starting at 9...just watch that.

It all depends on your provider. Time Warner and Direct TV used to delay everything. I have Dish Network and they are not delaying it

dont matter t time it starts I TIVO and tch later

i thought it started at 7 mtn time. dang, i gotta go check into that now!

Us Hawaiians get it nicely tape delayed... unless you have DirecTV then we get it live.

Ah...sorry to alarm yall americans, im in western canada and its starts 4pm for me for some reason but thing is usually all most sporting event broadcast times are the same down the coast or zone.

Yeah, guess it depends on the provider (tivo withstanding). and yeah, did see the repeat at 9pm, silly me...again, thing is though, UFNs for me here anyway, dont have the repeat until like half a week later but not today....maybe the TUF premiere has something to do with it?

anyhow, all good n the hood tonight...

shoot thanks for the heads up, dvr action!

starts at 7pm here in Cali for me (i got cox)