Why CC chose the UFC?

Was it business/$$$, a new start, a chance to work it up in the States?

We all know how huge this is for the UFC and its stale HW div and proves yet again, that Dana does work hard to get more talent in (he just brought in an non-English speaking Anderson to take out his 2 UFC opponents and the belt in like 5 minutes) and even though it will be cool to see CC doing his thing in the Octagon (it will be so weird to see him in the octagon for the first time), as a fan, i have to say im more than disappointed that we wont get to see CC rematch Fedor and Nog.

CC earned the right to rematch Fedor with his GP win and even though Fedor beat him convincingly the first time, i doubt theres any serious fan that wants to see them get it on again.

Also, though it hasnt been mentioned much, CC could very well be the fav in a rematch vs. Nog. CC nearly had him the first time and he indisputably a better fighter now where Nog has perhaps peaked.

Anyhow, its CC's decision and im still excited but....


"i have to say im more than disappointed that we wont get to see CC rematch Fedor and Nog."

Until the UFC acquires them too.

Should we start the troll threads and take this as an admission that CC believed he couldnt beat Fedor in a rematch?

"Until the UFC acquires them too."

I wouldnt care if it happened in the GJJ Academy private room, aslong as it happens, it happens.

He got CC, Anderson, brought Royce back (said he worked on that for like 5 years and considering how stubborn Royce and his camp is, i believe it), got BJ back (or was forced to let him back).

Yes, he sounds like a tit when he lets the f-bombs out but he's done his work. Recognize.

Fame in the states = Fame EVERYWHERE.

True, true, Puls. Perhaps he knows he doesnt have that much longer either but i just cant believe he doesnt want to avenge his losses to Nog and Fedor.

yea itll be a trip seeing mirko in the cage

seeing fedor or nog would totally blow my mind

pulsar has it all the way, if he makes it big in the US has is set

"seeing fedor or nog would totally blow my mind"

That would be unreal. It was cool enough just to see Silva and Liddel face off that one time. Was also cool seeing that pic of Renzo and Sak on 60 minutes.

i dunno....

Where has this been confirmed?

I read the same source material that they quoted on CC's web site, but there is no confirmation in that material at all. It says that he is considering several offers from many US promotions. I hope they are right though. I'd love to see someone high kicked over the fence.

did I miss something?? when did cro cop sign with the UFC??

Filipovic, the No. 2 heavyweight in the world behind PRIDE champion Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures), would make an immediate impact on a division that has long been considered among the weakest in the UFC. Terms are not known, but it's expected Fillipovic, 32, could sign one of the most expensive multi-fight deals in UFC history.
Direct quote from Sherdog. Could being the word to focus on.

Our sources have not confirmed whether there is an agreement in principle between Filipovic and the UFC or if he has actually signed a contract with America?s largest mixed martial arts promoter.
Quote from MMAWEEKLY.

I'm just saying that with Dana's track record I am going to be cautiously optimistic until it's confirmed. I would hate to have my dreams of a high kick about 6' 8" from the ground crushed by a rumor.

Good point. Now if we can just get the leader of that Red Devil team to sign up the world will be as it should be.

Excellent news!!