Why China?

I understand we’re all upset with China and buy America all that jazz. My question is, we could have chose any 3rd world shithole to manufacture our wares on the cheap. Why on earth did we ever choose an aspiring world power like China? In my mind, it makes more sense for us to have chosen Mexico as our 3rd world manufacturer. Mexico would have been better off, we wouldn’t need to ship shit across the Pacific, a better off Mexico means less Mexicans crossing our borders.

Chinese are good labor workers. Precision of Germans but the pay grade of Guatemalans. And they can replace them easily because 1+ billion population.

Because Chinese politicians paid off the families of those in power. If you read the book “Death by China” Peter Navarro basically explains all the reasons why China took our manufacturing.


Mexico does not have anywhere near the labor force that China does, so when looking for cheap labor, you’d go to the country with the larger amount of workers. Keep in mind NAFTA already brought Mexico into the loop by the point U.S. went all-in with China.

The U.S.–China Relations Act of 2000 was supposed to result in China embracing capitalism over communism and becoming a strong international trade partner once they were granted WTO status.

But China embraced capitalism while also remaining a communist country, and by the time people realized what was going on the largest corporations in America had outsourced a significant amount of labor to China and had bought off Congress while American jobs were hemorrhaging.

China also blatantly violated every pro-America protection in the bill and repeatedly shit on WTO regulations for decades with zero repercussions.

They export products made with forced labor (violation)
They engage in mass product dumping of flooding the U.S. market with cheap, sub-par quality goods (violation)
Rampant IP theft and forcing American companies to give the Chinese access to their tech to get into the market (violation)

Tons more violations.

On paper, the idea of a country with a large labor force that can manufacture cheap goods to trade with the U.S. sounds great. But of course the other side of that is the country being super ambitious and power-hungry and realizing they have the advantage.



it was cheap

the people who outsourced were greedy

the people who didn’t buy American made were short sighted at best


Thank the Clintons


Meh, I don’t 100% buy into blaming people who didn’t buy American. How do you expect a family on a budget to spend $15 on a extension cord made in the U.S.A. vs. a $5.99 for the same product that does the same thing?


Mexicans are better suited for lawn care and home cleaning. Anything complex you’d want a chinaman for

So the American company sells their seconds/imperfect goods cheap or introduces a low-cost line

And add enough import tax to the Chinese goods so they ain’t cheaper

Fuck no.

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The ‘buy American’ rhetoric is similar to the ‘shop local’ rhetoric.

There is an economic cost to doing these things that a lot working class families simply can’t afford long term.

On top of that, when it comes to buying American-made, so many of our everyday goods are outsourced that it is practically impossible to find common household items that are produced domestically.

The whole “Made in America” push we’re seeing now, especially with things like clothing, is a fairly recent consumer trend and still pretty niche.

As an example, in mens fashion, there has been a big revival of appreciation for American made basics, but the amount of people who are willing to spend $45 on a plain white T-shirt is pretty small.

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Because when all this started, China wasn’t a threat to replace the U.S. They were a third world shithole. The west made them a powerhouse.

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I blame them. The $15 dollar extension cord will last 10x as long as the Chinese garbage and won’t overheat and start a fire. Anyone who pushed for china’s entry in the the world trade organization is responsible for all the problems china has caused the world today

A working class family concerned about putting food on the table and having their bills paid isn’t going to pay almost 3 times as much for an extension cord.

It is unfair to blame the consumer when the market is completely lopsided

Well the US government should have put tariffs on the Chinese garbage the same way China puts insane tariffs on U.S. cars going into china that way the family didn’t have a choice.

lol Comparing Mexico to China is like comparing the USA to Canada

The USA is a consumer country. If the USA went back to being a manufacturer even the most ardent buy American people would complain.

Billions of people that work for nothing and are more likely to kill themselves than complain about working conditions made China a superpower, the USA had nothing to do with it.

The biggest mistake the USA made was making the ME and Africa hate us, which allowed China to literally copy the USA playbook by offering development and trade in return for influence. Once the USA realized what China’s geopolitical goals were it was too late

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Well…they didn’t. Which is why we’re in the predicament we’re in today.