Why Cro Cop Got KOed

He was KOed because he was hit by a left hook that would have dropped almost any living human being.

yeah I'm gonna quit Muay Thai and go watch The Perfect Weapon now. LOL

"I thought it was because he was hit in the face "

There is no reason to drop your hands when you kick. I used to do it, but after you get hit a few times, you tend to learn from your mistakes.

Maxximus...I'll bet Jeff Speakman would make you a more humble person.

Gary Hughes

"If that's true, it sounds like all Thai boxers could use a basic Kenpo lesson then."

I think the likes Of Bang, Parr, Masato and Zambidis have got a pretty good idea on effective kicking.... The trade off in increased power and less defence is acceptable in the traditional range that kickboxers square off at.

"I thought it was because he was hit in the face"

why are people making that simpleton call??? No shit he got KO'd... Are you telling me there was no gameplan from KR? No reserach? No tactics, cunning and guile....

Seriously, why underrate the talents of MMA fighters like that?

Beatbum, everyone does.

Sam's got a point though, I've seen a few boxers KO a kickboxer after they've thrown a kick and left their hands down.

Like Miletich v Carter style.

I said alog time ago that Cro Cop had a bad chin, and that the first time he got hit hard he would be KO'ed.

For another example of this go watch Cro Cop vs McDonald.

In MT (or K-1), it's OK to drop your arm for balance because you can keep your other glove up to defend. There are some MTers (in Thailand) who stick out the arm to prevent the punch, but most will drop the arm and put the other glove across the chin. The absence of big thick gloves kind of kills the concept in MMA though.

He does it in every fight and has been getting away with it.He will do it again when he fights again against his tomato can opponent they set him up with for his next fight. Most fighters can`t get the respect and fear of being taken down like Kevin can and that is why he reacted to the fake takedown like he did . It is the only way he could try to sprawl his way out like he has done in some of his other more recent fights. He can say what he wants but the truth is he was aware of Kevin`s takedown abilty but didn`t respect his punch.

Another thing that is funny is that he was supposed to be going to try his ground fighting skills out on Kevin and armbar or sub him with a triangle. Hahaha now that is funny especially when you look at what ended up happening to him.His confidence is way down now and fighting a tomato can to get another quick win won`t help a bit .

"Chuck Liddell and Pete Spratt are a couple of fighters that have started to let some people see that Kenpo/Kempo is a good stand up style. Kenpo and BJJ are a very potent combination."

Sam Pai, both of those fighters train in Muay Thai-style kickboxing now. And both swing their kicking-leg hand down to create more power when kicking. It's a trade off, power for defense.

Golden Arm...I am aware of the reason for dropping the hand, I just think it's too big of a gamble. I also think you can get plenty of power, without dropping the hand. I believe if I don't give them the chance to punch me in the head, they can't take it.

You can also follow up more quickly, if your hands are up, due to less distance to travel.

Gary Hughes