Why Dana Love Rematches So Much?

Does anyone know?

Can anybody tell us?

This guy must just get off at the thought of a "rematch"

I bet he's already jerking off to a Chuck/Tito III

And aside from Chuck, the other top 5 LHW's are in Pride.

why does Dana love money so much?

I like rematches.  Then again, I like most fights.

$ $ $

I like the rematches of GOOD fights like Penn/Hughes.

You SHOULD rematch fights that are 50/50.

One-sided beatdowns like GSP/Hughes should be kept on the backburner for a while.

More Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Come back and bitch when Dana does a non-title rematch in 2007. My bet is there won't be many, if any at all.

Why don't you ask Sakakibara?

just like boxing "rematches" is were the moneys at, I think most people
like rematches so why u complainig.

Rematches sell, and his roster is thin at the top of most divisions.

I will watch a rematch if someone was poked in the eye and lost. Then leaves for a couple years while the winner becomes a champ. Comes back and wins 4-5 fights in a row (even if I don't count 2 against Shamrock.) And has a good run on TUF 3.

Can't wait.

Tito/Chuck III will be the biggest draw in the history, and it will fall right on the heels of GSP/Hughes III