Why Did Arnold CHEAT?

This is true. Probably figured that it was a safe situation being that she was a long term employee and not some random married woman who can cause him all sorts of trouble. If memory serves me correctly, the paternity of Joseph wasn’t established until he was about 10 years old. Arnold always claimed to have taken 100% responsibillity for the child once paternity was established. I’m not so sure that Arnold got “caught” so much as I believe that he revealed to Maria himself about Joseph’s paternity once other parties became aware. I also believe that Maria would have stayed with him if the situation wasn’t so embarrassing to her. This probably isn’t the first time that Arnold has fucked around, and I bet that Maria didn’t care as long as he didn’t embarass her publicly. Why wreck your own home when you are married to the greatest bodybuilder of all time and arguably one of the biggest movie stars of his Era and fuck up everything that comes with it. She probably got more perks being Arnold’s wife at the height of his career than she did being a Kennedy niece. Arnold was frank in an interview and said that Maria had to go because she felt embarrassed and humiliated because this maid was a long time employee and was made to feel welcome in their home and that Joseph was a fixture around their home as a child and interacted with her and the family all the while Maria was supposedly completely unaware of the affair and Joseph’s paternity. That has to have an effect on Maria’s psyche.

I’m not so sure that they are even divorced legally. I remember in an interview that Arnold gave that he mentioned that the divorce hasn’t happened after all this time because there is so much money and assets tied up every which way that it was just easier to leave things the way that they are for now. Of course things could have changed since I saw that interview so I really don’t know.