why did christoph leininger never become great?

I am gonna be hearing Rich "the g man" Goins notorious double last name call...LENINGER...LENINGER

My Judo instructor is a BB from Christophe and his Judo is fantastic, very sport BJJ friendly.

i was at a tourney where he and megaton traded a microphone, back and forth WWF style, and challenged each other.


Stephen, I was also at the tournament when that happened. Those were some crazy times back then. If I remember correctly, Megaton used to teach out of Christophes school before he opened up his own school. He was pretty open to others coming in and teachinng their brand of martial art.

At that tournament, i remember Hellraiser getting on the microphone after Christophe had just got done competing and challenging him. For those that dont know, Hellraiser was one of Megatons students at the time and was pretty good himself. But Christophe didnt even know him. So he got back on the mic and accepted the challenge but only if it was with Megaton. There were more words exchanged back and forth and in the end nothing happened. But it was a very hectic few years back then. You never really knew what was gonna happen at those tournaments. In fact that is where the riot eventually broke out during another tournament.