Why did Fanny packs stop being cool?

You see the all over the place in the LES and Williamsburg NYC. Height of cool.

Wear one from time to time

Usually got my 5 yr olds diabetic meter and supplies in it Phone Post

I sport one every now and then. I keep my balls in there whenever my wife doesn't have them in her purse.

I kid. Phone Post 3.0

the correct answer is: when cargo pants/shorts came into style

I saw Dan Severn wearing one recently. I didn't have enough guts to tell him it was as out of style as his mustache.

I still he a lot of stoners using them

armbarring - The only people I know that wear fanny packs are hawaiians. They keep their drugs in them

and their guns!


you try and hide a px4 snub in your surf shorts.

Fanny packs are great when you're cycling around and want to carry some things (e.g., cell phone), but don't need a messenger bag/courier bag/panniers. Chrome makes a few good ones.

Fuck it, I'm getting one Phone Post 3.0

Why are they called fanny packs? We always called them "fag bags" . Phone Post

I still have my official gameboy fannypack. Phone Post

Almost all of the pictures I look really good in have me with my t-shirt tucked in and sporting a fanny pack.


Like a boss.

"It's like wearing a bluetooth to a night club kid, you just don't do it."

What's next? I have to stop pegging my jeans?

This is crazy! Phone Post 3.0

I'm betting the name, itself, had something to do with its decline. Phone Post 3.0

LOL, I've been known to wear a Chicago Bears fanny pack when sports betting in Vegas. Easier to manage money at the window.

Wolf shirt and fanny pack means getting laid. Throw in a members only and you can swing a threesome Phone Post 3.0

When Perry Caravello started wearing one.

They are so darn practical, especially now in summer time.

Fuck you Fanny Pack haters!!!! FU ALL snif snif