Why Did Gay Rights Go From

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Hedonic treadmill.
When a groups entire identity is based on being subversive and envelope pushing, once it becomes normalized, that group needs to go further to get the same reaction from society.


Just because you say, “Keep it in the bedroom” doesn’t mean you accept something.

It’s more like, “Keep it in the bedroom, or there will be trouble!”

That’s just an excuse.

We see heterosexual shit every day. In movies, on tv, on the street. In your face.

You don’t care. Because it’s accepted.

Even seeing two guys kiss on tv gets your panties in a bunch.

You haven’t accepted shit.

Victim groups, ie everyone on the left have no real endgame. Its just continue to be unhappy about something and continue to be assholes. Its what drives them.

Maybe it’s to not be victims anymore.

Look at any gay thread on the OG.

Or black thread.

Or woman thread.

Or trans thread.

Or any thread that is different from the status quo of “normal”

The vitriol, the jokes, the hate.

It’s ridiculous.

And its right there in the OP. Theres no endgame. The anger morphs into additional shit

Victimhood is big business.


It’s fucking disgusting. You want to kiss another man, knock yourself out. I don’t care. If you think you’re ever going to win everyone’s hearts and minds, you’re living in a fantasy world, and I’m damn sure not going to be lectured about “acceptance” from liberals. You’re the most intolerant group of people in the country.


The slippery slope is something only paranoid bigots believe in.

Human nature to keep ramming home the advantage.

Slightly off topic, but a couple of years back when trannies, sorry honorable transgenders, were gaining ground, there was a lot of coverage in the media that if you are a straight man and won’t date chicks with dicks, you are transphobic. Woke fuckers were all “right onnnn.”

But then that drive seemed to disappear after a while.

Contrary to the claims of pop philosopher kiddiefiddler Michael Jackson, people don’t stop even when they do get enough.

Are you aware that much of that comes from accounts that support liberal politics here? I’m talking accounts that have been active for years and post daily in support of politics on the left but do exacly what you said there.

I don’t think there was some grand plan 25 years ago by gay people, that ended up here. This is just more absurd shit pushed by the current left. They didn’t all sign up for the slippery slope to convert your children.

NAMBLA was a significant part of the gay movement going all the way back to the 70’s. The sanitized versions of gayness you were being presented with to disarm you with was NEVER an accurate representation of what these degenerates actually are.

Yet again, conservatives who were being raked over the coals for decades over this crap are being proven to be right yet again. Its not that conservatives are smarter, its that they fundamentally understand that immoral people are bad people, and legitimizing immoral behavior leads to a bad society we all have to live in that impacts us all. It might not effect you directly today, but eventually it will.


There might be some truth in there, but I don’t think it’s fair to just lump them all together. There’s a shit ton of “straight” pedophiles as well.

Yes, I get that.

They are all evolutionary dead ends. They add nothing to society of value and literally do everything to push the species backwards. Fuck em.

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I have gay friends that are just normal people. There are a lot of gay folks that hate what is going on. There are more that are Conservative leaning than most realize. Much of this is fueled by woke white women that are heterosexual often just like how they have to “speak up” for black people. I literally don’t care if someone is gay and support consenting adults having relationships like any heterosexual person. I care about character and behavior.


I don’t even disagree with you on a whole. I just don’t think that they’re all the same. I feel like I know some gay people who don’t wear it on their sleeve, like it’s all they have to offer in life. But I’m not a mind reader. And there is an agenda being pushed for sure.

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Of course they aren’t all the same. Some actually fuck children and others just want to.


But that is the entire point.

Initially it was about ‘live and let live’ - it is not up to someone to accept or not; it is I live my life how I want to and I don’t need your approval. Stay out of it - it’s my right / freedom.

Now, the argument is something else: It is not only, I have a right to live how I want without interference or illicit discrimination. Now it is: you must accept and approve of what I do.

Different animal.

One of the issues with regard to LGBT, and racial discrimination, &c. is that the ‘movement’ has now gone beyond civil rights… but the ‘movement’ still looks to use the same tools: laws and government action, to do it.



I think this is a better narrative: