Why Did Gay Rights Go From

Its moved beyond that to them antagonizing people now by constantly pushing boundaries and buttons to try and illicit a negative response from people. The minute you respond negatively to their unacceptable behavior, you are attacked and shamed by homos and their sympathizers to the point where they are cancelling people every opportunity they can. Its not live and let live, its outright hostility where they are goading people into a response and then playing the victim the minute there is any pushback against their degeneracy.

This is what has pushed me over the edge with them. I dont care about what people do in the privacy of their own homes, but when my kids are being bombarded with this bullshit constantly or people I know are too afraid to criticize this disgusting behavior because they are worried they might lose their jobs or singled out then it has gone way too far.


Why is butt fucking some people’s entire identity???

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Not just America but all western culture has become Sodom And Gomorrah. Christianity was forced out so it could be filled with the perverse. A major store will be attacked if they show a Nativity Scene during Christmas but they will also be attacked if they did not change their logo to a rainbow during pride month.We now live in a society where a tranny with a record of pedo crimes can read to children in a library but to even say the pledge of allegiance is criminal because it mentions God.

Our culture had it’s morals forced out to make room for depravity.


This is what I think as well. Start a thread man.

I don’t believe it was a grand plan either, it’s just human nature and tendencies…like a toddler pushing the limits

Nobody is obligated to accept fucking anything.

Do whatever you want. Keep it outta my face.

It isnt natural. Almost all gays are the results of sexual abuse and the VAST MAJORITY of pedophiles are not heterosexual.

Thats real shit. There is a reason it grosses straight men out. Straight men are not defective because they don’t wanna see a couple guys fool around.

Go blame nature if you want. Nobody owes you shit.


Nobody says you are obligated to do anything. Not even the gays you disparage say you have to.

You don’t HAVE to. I just think you SHOULD. There’s a big difference.

I don’t know if you’re clinging to just a “that’s gross and icky” thing, or your bible (which we can talk about what it actually says about homosexuality) or you think they’re actually “coming for the kids! It’s the breakdown of family and society!”, but whatever the reason, it’s not right.

But you can keep being how you’re being. The world will keep spinning around.

That’s not real shit. That’s bullshit.

There are no conclusive studies that say either of those things. Any doctor worth anything knows this. It’s just your way of demonizing something you don’t like.

But you say it with such hubris and confidence!

You know, maybe you’re on to something, years of studies be damned!

Hmm, I wonder if those sexually abused, now turned gay kids can be turned back straight if a heterosexual of the opposite sex abuses them. Great thinking, Dr Overscore!

And because homosexuality grosses some heterosexual men out, then it’s not natural? Okay, great observation, Doc! Another profound insight! I’ll remember that next time I eat brussels sprouts.

And I didn’t say homophobes were defective, I think they’re either ignorant or fearful of something they’re unfamiliar with or just assholes.

But hey, I see we’ve got an top notch psychiatrist here in Dr Overscore. Glad you’re aboard, Doc! Looking forward to more of your spectacular insights!

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Faggot. Go get AIDS and make the world better.


Live and let live.

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Hide in the shadows.

That’s no way to live. Why do you think a whole group should live that way?

How has it gone beyond wanting to be accepted besides certain beliefs of others that it’s wrong (for whatever reason)?

That “movement” as you mock with the quotes, yes, sometimes uses the tools of government.

Yes, government can be used for bad things and also good things and also to remedy those bad things.

Didn’t White people use the government to hold black people down in the Jim Crow era?

Didn’t Black people use the government during the civil rights movement to end that?

Government overreach sucks, but not everything is government overreach.

What is the ultimate problem with homosexuals to you?

Nah go fuck yourself for trying to equate any criticism of this utter degeneracy as some sort of bigotry where you are the victim. There is no way in hell you will ever convince normal, well adjusted people that you are ever a net positive for any society when this is what you do with the tolerance that is granted to you.


You sure sound normal and well-adjusted.

I don’t hear you complaining about Nikki Minaj or Miley Cirus dancing half nude and grinding on dudes and then using that to hate all heterosexuals and say all heterosexuals are degenerates.

The Nikki Minaj’s and and Miley Cyrus’s dont account for 40% of the pedophiles fucking kids despite being less than 2% of the population though do they?

I am normal. Its why I find homos and their antics completely disgusting. The drug use, the rampant promiscuity, the diseases, the mental illness your lifestyles create, your predatory natures around children and teenage boys, the endless hostility and in your face bullshit trying to elicit negative responses out of people.

I am out of patience and tolerance and I am part of a growing demographic who up until 5 years ago was completely indifferent. That has passed and I am rapidly reaching the point where I have zero tolerance for any of this anymore.


2 guys kissing is disgusting


If that’s true, then why are men walking around naked in women’s locker rooms? Why are adults sending their boys to school in dresses? Why are gay choirs singing, “we are coming for your kids”? Why are men showing up to story time in a library with a dildo strapped on?

It’s all about expression. The message is, ‘this is our lifestyle and you’re going to accept it. And if you don’t, you’re a hateful bigot.’

We’ve got a liberal media that’s right there cheering them on, along with a whole bunch of liberal politicians.

This is the worst way to try and gain acceptance.


Im not religious.

As far as the kids thing goes the drag queen story hour people and the san francisco choir openly state they ARE.

All I ask is people keep their sexual activity to themselves.

Why is that a big fucking problem?

Exactly this.

Most of my life I didnt give a fuck about it. I partied in Atlanta for over a decade and ya gotta be tolerant there.

Tolerance is not the virtue we were taught as kids.

Tolerance has lead to libtards and degenerates and naked dudes with dog collars cheering for 10 year old boys twerking in the fucking streets at parades with dildos everywhere.


So what’s the verdict? Is Pigpen a gay or does he have a gay son/daughter ? No way a heterosexual without a gay family member would have such a strong stance about acceptance.
I’m super straight and it disgusts me to see two men cuddled up next to eachother. Same with 2 dykes out in public. It’s just odd. It’s not the way nature intended. I’m not weird or a bigot for recognizing something that’s unnatural. I don’t say or do anything because I recognize it’s none of my business if they are consenting adults and are happy with that lifestyle. That’s the “acceptance” you’re going to get from most. We don’t want that shit shoved down our throats and told to celebrate it.


Same and it should end there.

Now bake my cocks intertwined cake you bigot or we will have the state force you to.




I have no problem with homosexuals. I welcome them. I am not making a personal argument and then extending it to the public sphere, as you are. My points above stand on their own.

And your comments above support the distinction I was making: between civil RIGHTS vs. morality / social intercourse.

You haven’t actually challenged or undermined any of my comments.

You don’t HAVE to. I just think you SHOULD. There’s a big difference.


But you go one step further. Above and beyond civil rights, you seem to support the government into forcing people to act/behave how you think they “SHOULD”… that is what worries me.

Regardless of my personal views on anything.

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