Why Did Gay Rights Go From

Damn. That’s pretty crazy.

Being tolerant of other people’s lifestyles started out as we should not worry about what other people do behind closed doors to very young tranny children on puberty blockers that will forever destroy their bodies. My tolerance is used up and I am beyond disgusted with the entire gay movement. The real conservatives screamed about the slippery slope and they have been proven to be right. It is a perverse degenerate lifestyle that even on the most basic level started as men fucking each other and over the years exposed as much worse.

Behind closed doors at first but in just a couple decades we are already have these people teaching our kids.

I AM SO DONE with being tolerant and accepting. I personally care more about the culture of America in 10,20, 50 years more then letting homos running rampant. I am no longer tolerant or accepting. Children are now having this gay crap shoved down their throat at every angle.


No, nobody knows this.

Reddit never had a fagpeoplehate sub that was allowed

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You’re right, I was being a bit oversensitive to your meme lol

Your views?

Bagging on gay, trans, anyone who’s different and speaks out. Thinking they don’t have a right to be on equal ground or else it’s government overreach or communism.

Maybe you think that’s unfair, but I think you’re using the “government overreach” as a crutch for what you actually think about gay people.

Thinking all these groups are “pushing it” when they just want equal rights and footing as others.

I understand being wary of a government extending it’s power too much (if the government isn’t here to serve the people it represents, then it can fuck right off). But I really don’t think the government is doing that with gay and trans rights.

Now I see, as has always happened throughout history, it has come to, “What about the children?”

In that thought, there’s a perceived danger from the evil homosexuals wanting to convert your children and pervert their minds.

It’s horseshit.

The kids will be fine.

The government isn’t giving special right to homosexuals.

They just want to be perceived equal.

Mr. Wilder would agree.


It’s not that simple.

First, as I have said in this thread, if you disapprove of something Cardi B does, like shoving her boobs in the tv (the kids!), grinding on the stage, sucking a dildo, you don’t judge all heterosexuals from that.

But you do that with homosexuals. You just did it posting the cartoon.

With homosexuals there’s a certain history of being stepped on, beat down and killed. I would say read about the history of gay pride parades, but it wouldn’t do any good.

Keep having your fun posting your dumb cartoons. It was such a great retort. Glad you’re here.

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What rights do they not currently have that others do?

They just want to groom children!

If she did all those things at a feminism parade… (and it happened with other people at every single feminism parade across the planet)… with little kids present… and the movement embraced her and said that she was their spokesperson… then yes absolutely all feminists would get painted with that brush.

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Don’t be an idiot, use your brain.

Pigpen says they don’t have equal rights in 2021 because there’s a segment of heterosexuals who are disgusted by male on male sex. Nothing overt. Just that people still think it’s gross. You shouldn’t even have those thoughts or you’re a bigot according to Pigpen.


25 years later we still have people laughing at the slippery slope argument.

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You now seem to be changing your argument - or at least being very fuzzy.

  • Do you want ‘equal rights’? I am perfectly fine with embedding this in law.

  • Do you want “acceptance”? I don’t even know what this means.

  • Do you want LGBT+ “to be left alone”? Not sure what this means, but certainly support anti-violence or harassment laws.

You are assuming you know not only how other people feel inside, but also that they have the same understanding as you do about what these fundamental terms/issues mean. Not good, to have a discussion this way.

Basically, you say: “TB, you are just a bigot gay hater using ‘government overreach’ as a basis for perpetuating your hatred”…

How to even respond to this when your ONLY evidence for this is the fact that I said the government is reaching beyond rights enforcement… Basically, what you say is that if I did not hate gays, I wouldn’t care anyway what the government did or how far they went, but the fact that I do proves I hate gays.

Sorry, but this is an absolutely ridiculous argument and not even worth responding to.


No what he wants is for homos to be able to basically fuck in the streets if they feel like it, and for you to be thrown in prison if you have an issue with it.

He wants you to completely change the way your entire body is wired so that you are not disgusted by gay men and their in your face public displays

What he demonstrates is that they are looking to antagonize you as much as possible.

Im done pretending for these faggots. They are disgusting.


This is a more in your face take but it’s not far from reality

The issue with the current liberal mindset is, they want to police basic human instincts. Everyone has prejudices, everyone…including the precious trans and homosexuals, they’re not excluded from this basic human trait…but they think they are, they believe they are all virtuous in every way possible…it’s bullshit.

There’s no right that others have that they themselves do not have, what the problem is, is they want to police what other people think, it’s as simple as that.

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We just watched a group of black women march on Washington for their right to vote

A right they already possess, that not a single person is trying to take away from them. but they are so brainwashed by this “progressive” mindset that their identity is being “oppressed”. They believe it wholeheartedly, it’s who they are as people…it’s unbelievably sad


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Opressed-opressor . Shit is straight outa the communist playbook. It’s not a coincidence either.


Maybe I was projecting onto you what I’ve seen in others, but I’ve seen it over and over that people use government, among others things, as an excuse.

Yes, people don’t think gay people have the right to be on equal footing, socially and morally. Even though, technically, they have legal rights, that only goes so far.

Social rights should be considered. And that’s what they’re asking. No, it’s not forced. But it should be considered, as we are all humans. Frowning at two gay people arm in arm, walking down the street, is not the same thing as frowning at some suburban kids wearing baggy pants. But of course, it’s someone’s right to frown at both.

But you didn’t even tell me how you think gay people are using the government for overreach. I asked and said I will think about your answers.

You’re saying you don’t know what acceptance means (or what I mean by it) regarding gay people? Well, it’s more than begrudgingly tolerant. But I already said that no one is obligated to do even that.

It just seems it’s an “us” vs “them” mentality. Which is shouldn’t be. It should be met with trying to understand where someone is coming from, as I hope we’re doing.