Why did god create heaven and hell

Why did god create heaven and hell? I just want the accepted answer from a christian perspective. Just want to double check on some stuff I heard.

Heaven = where God is

Hell = where God isn't


God created Heaven for spiritual beings (i.e. angels),Jesus,his children,etc.

Hell was created for fallen angels such as Satan as he and his ilk are not entitled to Heaven (n)or Earth.

Okay, cause my buddy (who is generally right about things, but I disagree with what he's saying) said that god created heaven and hell to show us humans the range of his power. Is that correct as well? Or wrong?

Heaven= to be with God

Hell= without God


be careful what you consider "heaven" and "hell" to be before you answer that question.

If these are places, where are they?

Perhaps they're something else...and, as with just about everything else that Christ spoke of, purely metaphorical.

that is kinda what I was saying

I'm sorry, gord96...I was speaking to ChemicalSage, the original poser of the question. I should have made that clear.

Okay, I don't think there is an afterlife/god, atm, so I don't really think that heaven and hell is anywhere.

What I am asking is that is it a widely accepted christian view that god created heaven and hell to show how powerful he is? I realize how stupid this sounds, that an all powerful being would care what we thought, and that's why I'm asking.

It's His Universe. Hell is really a detainment cell for Demons, but when Mankind fell he had the option of going there too.

BTW according to Psalms God can be found in Hell as well.